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Price: Free! Words: 6,180. Language: English. Published: September 16, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Short stories
Hope is about a man who loves a woman he should not. A co worker who is not single. A man who is trying to get his life off the ground, who feels like he is a loser. Who believes his future is bleak, but is clinging onto hope. That things will turn around.

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  • Mathion: Book One of the Legacy of the Wolven Trilogy on April 24, 2012

    Mathion: Book One of the Mavonduri Trilogy is written by Jeff Shanley and it's his debut novel. It is a modern masterpiece. It starts off slow, yet each page is better than the last. After the first big battle, Mathion mostly goes at a fast and entertaining ride. Mathion features many characters from good to evil, but mostly good. In a nutshell the plot of Mathion is Wolven and Men vs Werewolves. An evil and all powerful King Werewolf named Azgharath threatens the realm of the Wolven. I won't spoil anything major in this review. The world Mr. Shanley has created is wonderful. It's all described in excellent detail. The pros are that it's entertaining, has good action, good characters, a strong finish, and it's fun to read. Lots of battles. Its small cons are that the time period is not that clear. It does take place very long ago though, that is made clear. This is nitpicky, but I feel it would be better as a book, not a e-book. Although that can be contributed by my short attention span since reading this book on PC and iPhone, meant internet was on my mind. This book isn't for everyone, but neither were the Harry Potter and Twilight books, which I've never read. I have read the Narnia series long ago, and Mathion is on par with that. Another thing is that there are 'time jumps' which take getting use to. However, this is because the Wolven and Werewolves have much longer lifespans. Mathion screams movie to me. I can see it becoming one later on down the road. That road includes it going from e-book to book in bookstores and online stores. And hopefully the other parts of Mathion being published as well. In my opinion, Mathon as a movie seems like 2 and a half hours long in theaters and a strong PG-13. I've never seen a book or movie cast Werewolves in such a light. They are still violent creatures, but have much more to them that that. Just cool. In conclusion. Read this book. This is easily a story that is far better than an indie e-book treatment.