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Smashwords book reviews by Tony Brennan

  • Nowhere To Go on June 20, 2011

    This is a selection of 11 crime stories collected together in this book by the author.Each individual story is well crafted and generate tension,twists and surprise for the reader. They were very enjoyable and were a genuine page-turner. The contents of the stories cover the ambit of crime fiction from fraud and conmen to robbery and murder and one cannot avoid been drawn into the characters portrayed by Iain Rowan.
  • The Paperboys Club on Aug. 08, 2011

    Enjoyable Crime novel featuring female detective Sam Banter and her male partner Frederick Bashir. The heroine is a single mother bringing up a ten year old daughter and she is given "a cold case" involving a black murdered five years before and which remains unsolved. Sam is up for promotion to Detective Sergeant in competition with a male colleague with the winner the first to solve their respective "cold cases". Maryann,her daughter who is a loner and gifted joins up in school with three similar gifted boys to form the Paperboys club.Throw-in a patient at a mental asylum,Clarence who can "see" and "feel" things around people and you have the make-up of a supernatural thriller. I read this novel on an island off the south-west coast of Ireland during my holidays and it was a wonderful page-turner.Thanks to the author.
  • Love Lust and Petty Crime on Aug. 18, 2011

    A very enjoyable novel detailing the life of Emmet Stork and his Greek family.We meet Emmet living at home and out of work- he is a computer games wizard and when he applies for a position in a call centre at an Insurance company- he amazes both interviewers and his own family by achieving a perfect score. Emmet takes to the job like "a duck to water" and we are introduced to some wonderful characters in River,Jurgen, Voula and Acheron the overall boss.This book made me laugh "out loud" - it was very funny as we follow Emmet's upward trajectory in the company and his unrequited love for Voula - while maintaining a strong friendship with River another female colleague. A page turner which was a treat to read.