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  • The Ghost Hunter on Dec. 07, 2010
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    Ashley has inherited her aunt's bar, leaves his past behind hoping to start a new life, she was always able to see and talk to ghosts, which in the eyes of all people made it seem the "weird girl" . Her mother had trouble accepting the gifts and did not support her and her father disappeared soon, so she decides to do more research on it. The bar is now the new home of it, this is full of ghosts and paranormal creatures town. Upon arrival, she begins to socialize with the ghosts inevitably despite her reluctance. Soon she meets a strange man Cristian extremely handsome, sexy and mysterious, she rents a room to him, then mysteriously the her Ghost new friends begin to disappear in the course of the book going and agoing; Ashley takes a bit of herself out and her gift which it did not ask but changes the meaning of many things in her life as the book progresses. Soon not only the reality of seeing angels will be part of her problems, but the host it is an angel too!! they have common interests without even try it. They are attracted, but are aware that being together is something that does not happen, the question is how to avoid feeling attracted all the time?. The book is full of action, good times and the current theme, there is mix-soup of paranormal creatures. I liked a lot, I recommend of course, I also greatly want to say that i appreciate the author very much for the copy she sent me (Thank's Lori:)). Be encouraged to read guys, U will have a good time do so. I have also made the review of this ebook on my blog in Spanish, interested, please send a message. See ya