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Before I tell you about me, perhaps I should say a bit about the books, and why I've chosen to write a modern adventure series based in Egypt, but with ancient Egyptian mysteries at the core.

My interest in Egypt was sparked as a sixteen year old when my parents took me and my brother on a 1 week holiday during our Autumn half term. We had three days in Cairo and four in Luxor. It was 1984. I was hooked. My imagination was overwhelmed by the immensity and the sheer AGE of everything. Since then I've been back to Egypt eleven times - always choosing the Nile as my destination. I have visited the Red Sea, but I don't dive, and I strongly believe the sea is for fish not humans, so it's never captured me in quite the same way as Cairo and Luxor, and the Nile and Lake Nasser cruises.

The first three books stand as a trilogy from which I hope a series will develop.

The inspiration for Carter's Conundrums came standing inside his house which opened to the public as a museum late in 2009. For a long time I had the place to myself... And it got me thinking... What if I were to be trapped in here...?...what secrets might it reveal to me....?

Tutankhamun's Triumph picks up where Carter's Conundrums ends and asks what might have happened to Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

Hatshepsut, to me, has always been the most fascinating of pharaohs. I had my choice of mysteries, but chose to focus on whether her courtier Senenmut was more than just a good friend and why Thutmosis III left it twenty years to seek to obliterate Hatshepsut from the king-list. Hatshepsut's Hideaway seeks to fictionalise an answer.

As you can see, I love ancient Egyptian mysteries. Are there more undiscovered royal tombs? What riddles does the Sphinx pose? Are the pyramids aligned with the stars? I hope my protagonists Merry and Adam can grapple with some of these questions and provide an enjoyable lighthearted read at the same time.

I'm also the author of "Shades of Gray" (no, not that one !!). Mine's a family saga, written under the name of Fiona Wilson and also available on Kindle or in paperback via Amazon.

As for me...I work full time. I'm proud to be part of the top team of a great British housing association. I write in my spare time, helped no end by my husband's night shifts !!

I live in Kent, England, with my husband and two impish Burmese cats

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