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  • Natural Consequences on Aug. 15, 2013

    Coming off fresh from a re-read of Good Intentions, Natural Consequences was a satisfying sequel. Kay has pretty much mastered the art of mixing fantasy and erotica, and having it flow smoothly. Natural Consequences takes place shortly after the events of the first book, and continue with almost all of the previous main characters, as well as some newcomers. Despite its long length of 475 pages, I found it to be rather fast paced. As much as I enjoyed the overall action/ further character development/ erotica , it isn't as good as its predecessor. Its hard for me to put a finger on what makes the first book better, but I remember pondering over how great Good Intentions was, even days after i had finished it. Don't get me wrong, the sequel is very good, and anyone who is a fan of Mr. Kay will definitely be pleased, as was I. I'd probably give it 4.5 stars but seeing as I cannot I feel I must round up!