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  • Miscarriage Of Justice on Sep. 03, 2012

    This is a wonderful piece of fiction. It has the qualities that every piece of fiction should have: snagging the reader immediately and keeping the reader interested in "what happens next?". In other words, a real page turner. The only reason I did not give it five stars is that the ending of the book was rather cliche. Nevertheless, it's a good read!!
  • Living and Dying in the Hamptons on Nov. 21, 2012

    A very fun, good "Reid" if you ask me. Hard to guess the plot twists which makes for a great fun read.
  • Snatchers (A Novel About The Zombie Apocalypse) on Nov. 24, 2013

    Zombie by any other name is still a Zombie!! Another UK writer who doesn't like that "Z word" in their book for whatever reason. As with most zombie lore, the interesting part of the story is with the people trying to survive. This story is no different and offers interesting story lines which come together and inter-twine at various points. Good character development. This book will keep you flipping to the next page. Much recommended for UK zombie fans. (He uses a lot of actual central UK places in this book).
  • Horizon on Feb. 24, 2014

    Never mind the many scientific inaccuracies (Allosaurus lived in the Jurassic not the late Cretaceous and there were certainly no native humans in the late Cretaceous) this is a page flipping read. Or if you read on Kindle a forward button pressing read! If you like Earth bound Sci Fi mixed with a little espionage, this is your book
  • Stroke of Genius (Archie Lemons #3) on March 15, 2014

    This was a ripoff of the Michael Lee Jones case. You can read this article from 2010 in Vanity Fair and it looks like the story was lifted right off its pages. I am giving it 4 stars (one star off due to the ripoff) but it is still a pretty good read. If the link doesn't work Google "The Case of the Vanishing Blonde".
  • LIARS the News Industry [Drama] on July 22, 2014

    Great book! Even though the author classifies this is as fiction, make no mistake. There are facts in here. Also there are familiar players in here (renamed of course). Barack Obama, Hitlery Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and even John McCain... all present and accounted for. What is fiction is what happens... very enjoyable read! It should be a wake up call for dum dums who still think US News sources like CNN and MSNBC are "unbiased".
  • WTF! This is a Liberal Utopia! [Satire] on July 23, 2014

    I am glad I read LIARS first. WTF is terrible. LIARS was great so I know what this author is capable of. WTF is supposed to be about a man who gets knocked out in 2020 or so and remains comatose until 2050 then wakes up, and gets a load of the liberal world in 2050. Ok the biggest problem with this is that the author has these conversations between a hypothetical narrator & reader. That would in itself not be too bad but they dominate most of the book! Page after page of this dribble and hardly any adherence to the story line. It reminded me of reading a UseNet post from Alt.Tasteless back in the 1990s for those of you can remember the internets of the 90's. If you enjoy that endless banter go ahead and read it. But I give it only one brown star!! Comon, you can do better than this Mr. Thompson!
  • Songs of a Peach Tree on July 31, 2014

    For readers of the supernatural, it doesn't get much better than this book. Although like the prior reviewer, the culprit was easy to guess in advance. However, the story and character development is superior and makes up for any shortcoming in the obvious part of the story line.
  • Ghost Train on Aug. 10, 2014

    A nice taught short story. I do think the author could have done more with the story but nevertheless, it was a good one. The kind of story people tell around a campfire to scare each other. And I am sucker for train stories for some reason.. here is another ghost train story I found on the web much different than this one:
  • Bell's Hollow on Sep. 03, 2014

    This is a genuinely good horror novel. It's well developed story and characters are captivating. Part of the book is a nod to Friday the 13th but with different twists. Also maybe a nod to Hellraiser in here but with other twists. Intelligently written and well constructed. If you love good horror, read this!!
  • Missing Link (The Davenport Mysteries #1) on Sep. 05, 2014

    It was obvious to me that English is a 2nd language for this author. Given that, I was willing to overlook a lot of odd phrases. Under that circumstance, he does quite well. However, the names were mixed up often which made me take off a star. Chris was Jake and Jake was Chris, even one instance where Kiara was Sarah. Those kinds of mistakes can be easily avoided by proofing. That aside, the story was very compelling and was definitely a page turner with lots of twists and turns and of course, the unexpected! I would recommend this book anyone who loves a good mystery.
  • Luck for Hire on Sep. 21, 2014

    One word sums it all up: BRAVO!!! And maybe. MORE MORE.. Thanks for the great read.
  • Earth's Survivors Apocalypse on Feb. 09, 2015

    A rambling mess. OK I get that the author uses this to entice the reader to purchasing the next book but this book had no end the story - not even a partial ending. In between, the stories rambled on and the dialogues were sophomoric. There is a zombie element that is introduced here but not explored properly. Sorry if you want me to buy your next book, you will have to do better with the free intro of the series.
  • The Message on March 01, 2015

    BRAVO! A deeply engrossing story that keeps you turning the pages and wanting more. And wanting answers that are not made obvious. This book puts you inside a child abduction and makes you see it from many different angles. U.S. Readers: you need to brush up on your UK colloquialisms but even if you don't; it's a great read.
  • The Letters: The First Clue on April 09, 2015

    Ok book but I am only giving you 3 stars because it was WAY too easy to figure who dunnit. I figured it out in the first 1/3rd of the book long before the bombs were dropped later. You needed to insert more marginal male characters that would have created more suspects and keep us guessing. However, it was good reading just the same.