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Indie arm of Author (s) Gayle Eden, Eve Asbury, Nikki Rush and Noreen McDowell

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What do you read for pleasure?
Romance and Fantasy. I enjoy sagas, Epic fantasy series. Although I have been reading a few fantasy series for years; Namely Stephan R Donaldson. In Romance, I'm a mood reader. Just as I am a mood writer. I read old favorites and try and discover a new to me author now and then. I read a lot of Medieval and more modern history. I'm a sucker for the right romance tho.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of The Rings (the Hobbit) A Game of Thrones, The Bible, The Wedding
TKAM, because of the (voice) and emotional level. I read it every year. LOTR and The Hobbit, because it was a childhood favorite. A Game of Thrones because it was the first Fantasy book that both me and my son liked (wink) The Bible, for too many reasons to list. The Wedding, because it was a memorable romance book for me-Many more.... (Notice I didn't pick my own books) It's hard to narrow favs down! I still have tubs of books and I'm constantly discovering others.
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