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Geoffrey West is a freelance journalist and author living in Surrey, England. Educated at Dulwich College, he has written five non fiction books for Crowood Press, and written a number of crime fiction novels, one of which (Deadly Contact) was shortlisted for the Crime Writers' Association Debut Dagger Award. Rock'n'Roll Suicide is the first of a series of crime thrillers featuring Behavioural Investigative Adviser and writer Jack Lockwood.

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  • The Cutting Edge on Dec. 07, 2012

    The Cutting Edge brings us into the world of hairdresser Skye, a kindly but harassed animal lover who finds that an ever increasing frustration with dealing with customers is driving her to ever-more murderous thoughts: she wields scissors that would love to cut carotid arteries and slice away ears. Cleverly, Darcia Helle leads us to think initially that Skye's homicidal fantasies about her dreadful clients - who variously behave selfishly, abuse her good nature and even have hygiene issues - is going to lead her to actually commit murder. However, the Mass Avenger is the one who's really killing women in the small provincial town. And the reader is made aware of his ever-increasing interest in Skye that she has no knowledge of: thus creating an almost like a Hitchcockian build-up of tension that escalates higher and higher until it almost reaches breaking point. We see Skye from the monster's point of view, and she's totally unaware of it. One murder after another is interspersed with lighter moments, with Skye's nice husband and lovable parents re-homing dogs and seeing the best in people. The book culminates in a thrilling climax, which I won't reveal - read the book and find out! The interest in the book for me was the contrast of Skye's nice normal agreeable family life with that of the vicious lonely sociopath who preys on women: a heroine you can like and a murderer you can hate. Also I enjoyed the insight into a hairdresser's world, where seemingly balanced, likeable people can behave with such appalling self regard and tactlessness without even realising that their selfishness and cruel words can cause such harm. You can expect plenty of thrills, lots of warmth and humour and some very scary moments, with an interplay of viewpoints that works well, ratcheting up the tension right up to the end. You'll like Sky and her family and you'll love her dogs, and you'll enjoy her company until the very end: a really good read. Wish I hadn't read it so I could read it all over again.