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Let me preface something for I guess I should have named the book something else. I am not affiliated with the Jehovah Witness movement. I guess “Gentile Witness” is a sort of identifier with them. I am actually Catholic and probably on my way to excommunication for writing this book for many in the church would call this heresy. But then I am not concerned about men and their institutions for I have my own peace with God and his son Jesus.
If you have read other books that are rapture based then maybe you should read this one. This is book one of four. The inspiration of the storyline came about when I woke from a dream I was having. Thee dream woke me up at 3:00 AM and the entire story was in spinning around in my head. I got up grabbed a pen and paper and started outlining it right then. The final result is the book you are about to read.
On another note I am often asked if GOD had me write this book, and the answer is I do not know the answer to that question. Did he put the idea in my head and wake me at 3:00 AM to write the outline? Maybe he did maybe he did not.
All I do know is that I wrote this book based on wanting people to understand that Tribulation, the end of man’s time, does not start till the arrival of the final two witnesses. 2012, Mayan Prophecies, Nostradamus, Hopi Indians, and countless other oracles or seers are irrelevant. God decides (as I have spent my life researching) when the world will change, and heaven and earth will pass away. That is when the time of man will end not before and not after.
When then does Tribulation start? I do not know, maybe today maybe tomorrow, next week, next year maybe even December the 21st 2012. However once again you will know when it starts absolutely, and that is when the two final witnesses step forward and start to prophecy. My lifetime? Maybe, maybe not, that time is in god’s hands, not any mans.
However if it did start today and the witnesses do appear in our modern world then maybe the story will be something like the story you are about to read. I think so, or I would not have written it.
We are now letting people read book one at no charge and book two “Elijah and the Temple” is forthcoming in the coming months. I hope that this book will be an inspiration to you and your love of God and Christ as your savior.

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Now that 2013 is here and the Myan, Hopi, other propheceis of man did not occour, maybe we can focus on when the world will end using the Bible for a reference. Simply put God will set the time for the end of man and man's rule. Even Jesus did not know when this will occur. Only God himself knows.

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