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Smashwords book reviews by Geoffrey Thomas

  • Xenolith on Oct. 07, 2010

    Most reviews focus on Frank Bowen and his wife Liz, her disappearance and his frustration with being unable to find her. Oh, did I mention this happened in the jungles of Belize? But I think the real story is the one running in parrallel. The one about the young somewhat primitive warriors from a (parallel?) universe. That enter our world, and others, through the Xenoliths. They are intriguing characters. And A.Sparrow's description of their adventures in our world has a nice "feel" to it. I give the book a high rating because it is a first book and because of the "feel". Read the book and experience it. Then go on to Peregrin and read more. Just sayin......
  • Season Of The Harvest (Harvest Trilogy, Book 1) on March 01, 2011

    I admit that I am already a Mike Hicks fan. His In Her Name series of SciFi thrillers is great. But this book is something different and fabulous. It is a little hard to talk about it without revealing stuff that the reader will want to discover by themselves. But let me say that if you like Michael Crichton - you will love this. If you like Lee Child - you will probably also love this. There are many other comparisons that I could make but the best advice is to purchase the book and read it for yourself. You will soon be back here writing your own review praising this work. I have a some knowledge of a couple of the infrastuctures that are written about in this book and he hits them dead-on This is realism mixed with a current issue mixed with some "could-happen" and is exciting. Just sayin.....