Geraldine O'Connell Cusack


Geraldine O’Connell Cusack was born in the South Bronx of New York City and holds a BA in Political Science from Notre Dame College of Staten Island and an M.ED in Education from La Salle University of New Orleans. She began her teaching career in New York City’s Public School System and then moved on to developing a bilingual-bicultural programme for the Seminole tribe of Florida on Big Cypress Reservation.

In 2003 and Geraldine received one of the Top 100 Irish-American Awards presented by Senator Hillary Clinton in 2004. Geraldine spent five years teaching in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile before being recruited by Irish Aid to develop locally produced learning materials and Kiswahili language textbooks for Tanzania’s primary schools. Geraldine is married with four daughters and lives and teaches in Dublin’s inner-city schools.

Geraldine O’Connell Cusack is also the author of:

Children of the Far-Flung: the story of four generations of emigration of the O’Connell family from Ireland, and eventual return.

Winds the Road North: an aid worker’s family life in Africa.

Spirits of Wood Quay: a young reader’s adventure story set in Viking Dublin.


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