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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s first book, "Conversations on Communication Ethics", is an academic rant about the nexus of communication and morality. Her second book, a collection of essays, "Oblivious to the Obvious: Wishfully Mindful Parenting", is an affable head trip along the event horizon of parenting. Her third book, a full-length volume of poetry, "A Bank Robber’s Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend", presses up against and squeezes the juices from soft concepts of intimate associations. In this, her fourth book, a gathering of brief fiction, "Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things", Hannah closes the circle of “what was,” and “what is” by writing about “what could be.”

When not playing tidily winks with plot lines, Hannah blogs for "The Jerusalem Post" and for "Kindred", and reviews manuscripts for "Bewildering Stories" and for "Bound Off". Although both a science writer and a rhetoric professor by training, Hannah prefers to think of herself as the banshee whose wailing causes: her sons and daughters to consider the merits of cleaning their rooms, makes her husband suddenly remember the plus points of the espresso served at the neighborhood café, and her editors to shrug, to mutter something about wacked-out midlife hormones, and then to publish her work, anyway.

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