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  • Gabriel - Book 1 of the Elven Chronicles on May 13, 2012

    An well told and amazing story. Wonderful adventure and romance, a great head-strong female (which I love) and a powerful and patient(sort of)hero! An excellent read, can't wait for the next one!
  • The Alpha's Daughter on June 30, 2013
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    Alpha’s Daughter by Jacqueline Rhoades Review by Georgianna Simpson Alpha’s Daughter is book three of the “Wolver” series. All the books in this series are written as stand- alone, but I always love having the background and history inherent in reading a series start to finish. So if you haven’t read this series, you may want to pick them up. This story begins with Jasmine “Jazz” Phillips traveling a lonely road in the Arkansas Mountains at night on her motorcycle, remembering the turn of events that led her here. Jazz is the only child of Alpha wolver Sam Phillips, a hard, power hungry, brutal man. He runs his pack in a way that promotes the more animalistic traits. Their businesses are mostly criminal and drug related, good money – but bad. Jazz recently had a visit by the mysterious Mr. Begley, who informed her that her father was going to demand she mate the next powerful alpha he found to take over his pack. He then outlined a route for her to take to a pack where she could seek sanctuary in the Appalachian Mountains. She thought this would just not happen and almost threw the napkin with the route away – but didn’t. When a week later her father demanded that she mate for the good of his pack, she tried to protest, but was quickly beaten into submission for her efforts. Pretty much a prisoner in her own home, Jazz decided it would be better to escape than live a life she’d watched her mother live, abused and used as a tool for her mate. This is a lot of background, but I’ve put it here all at once so you can get the feel for the life Jazz has come from…the book is well written with the background coming in interspersed with other events to keep the story informative, but incredibly entertaining. The story comes to life when as Jazz stops for a rest in the town of Gilead, where she’s to meet a wolver by the name of Goodman who will assist her on her way; she’s attacked by three rogues at the bar/café where she stops. Trained to fight since a child, by “Uncle Moose”, she’s doing pretty well when a huge, hairy giant of wolver comes to her rescue. Michael “Doc” Goodman is a doctor, an actual MD specializing in wolver medicine as well as human, who has left his old life behind to find some peace in helping the poor but wonderful pack in Gilead. The sparks and lightning that begins to fly when these two meet is wonderful to say the least. The great dialog that Ms. Rhoades puts into this tale is enthralling and exciting. I love great arguments and fun dialog and this book is simply filled with great conversations as well as some truly steamy love scenes! Watching Jazz and Grizz (Jazz’s nickname for him) dance around each other and the situations that arise is not only entertaining, it’s compelling. This is a page-turner. So hard to put down, I just had to see what was going to happen. I fell in love with the pack in Gilead, wonderful people so well written you feel you have known them forever and they actually become your friends. Of the three books, so far, in this series; Alpha’s Daughter is definitely my favorite. I loved all of them, but this one is so rich in emotion, humor and life it’s in my top three books ever! And that’s a pretty big statement for me. I’m not going to do anymore spoilers, you just have to read and feel this wonderful story for yourself! Do yourself a favor, allow enough time for a great read and curl up with this one! Enjoy, I did!