Ali Said


Born 1983 in Fez, Morocco. Ali Said grew up an only child. At the age of 18 he discovered love. This discovery awoken his talent for poetry and made him aware of the small things in life, the many things we take for granted.

Originally all of his poems were written in French. They are all beautifully written and are enjoyable to read over and over. Love is a powerful emotion, and at such a young age, Ali has made it very clear.

In September of 2005 at the age of 22 he relocated to The United States finding work and settling down. He carried his poems with him as a private collection until today. We hope you enjoy The Love Experience.

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Imagine Love
The love Experience is a collection of poems written in both French and English. The poet Ali Said, began writing poetry around the age of 19 where he was born and raised, Fez, Morocco. SInce moving to the United States following his love of passion, life and exotic food. He is now publishing his poetry and exploring the art of words.


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