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  • Legends of Marithia: Book 1 - Prophecies Awakening: Uncut and Extended Second Edition on Aug. 24, 2012
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    assinia, half soceress and half vampire, vowed to kill everyone in Maritha as she watched her parents die at the command of a selfish king. At twelve years old she was imprisoned in a cage where the guards tormented her before a invusble being wished that he would save her if she pledge her soul to him and he would make her immortal. As the guards reached for her to kil her, she quickly agreed and Shindar, an ancient dark demon who knew she was the chosen female to usher in the blood red moon prophecy.............. Sir Vartan of Greenhaven was banished by king Arman for almost losing getting the princess killed as he escorted her on her travels. He was lucky to escape with just wounds as many of the guards perished, it was not well known of the route they took and he smelled a traitor but he was banished from the kingdom before the king gave acknowelgement to his concerns....................... Wow!! Mr. Koevaria pens a fast and awesome story that you won't want to put down as Elven, human, and dragons must unite to stop a prophecy from coming true that will mean the end of their world!!