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If you could spare a blue-eyed, blonde-haired, precious little girl of age five…25 years of tremendous and totally preventable, bodily distress…would you? Dianne was this little girl.

Health isn't the absence of bodily dis-ease and ills only. Health is vim, vigor, and vitality…when everything inside a person performs at an optimum level. The time ToLiveWell is…now.

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From sick to well… Why iLoveToLiveWell?
by Dianne Wawrzyniak-Marshall
Discover how Dianne overcame rheumatoid arthritis and a host of other ailments… “A healthy inspiration,” is what many people say about her. What a fascinating read with her many struggles and successes!

Dianne says… “I’m here to serve as a source of inspiration, encouragement and motivation for people who desire ToLiveWell.”
“And I’m especially passionate about doing so via spectacular, tried and true, healthy recipes!”

“I have never had a better apple pie than this one, cooked or raw. The best part is it’s good for me! I eat it for breakfast or as dessert or a healthy snack.”
“I love the purity of each ingredient, and that this carrot soup boasts of its health benefits is superb! What a delicious recipe.”
“Dianne’s cranberry salad is delicious. The ingredients are a perfect combination that make your taste buds sing.”
“This black rice recipe is great! It is one I will use for years to come. Thank you!”
“The flavor combinations in the virgin margarita lemonade are sooo refreshing, sweet/sour/salty…mmmm.”
“Dianne’s smoothies are awesome. Do try them. They’re quick, delicious and filling.”

From the author of… Recipes That WOW! … Wellness Over Weakness
“I’ve suffered through a great deal of pain and over these numerous years…I’ve gained much invaluable wisdom on how to live healthfully.”

“Your story made me cry! What a life you’ve lived thus far!”
“Amazing Dianne! This is really an inspiring story!”

Dianne reveals…
“By 5 years of age, I was medically diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.”
“Then came the eyesight challenges…”
“In addition to the debilitating arthritis and intense eye challenges, I was medically diagnosed with scoliosis.”
And this when she was only 15 years of age!

Dianne continues…
“My home environment was a toxic fog.”
“Much of the food in house was from a package, box, bottle, can, jar, etc.”

Well Wishing
“Twenty-five years of allopathic treatments followed…but now at 50?”
“A young lady in her early to mid 30’s, there was so much life ahead of me.”
“What to do…live the rest of my life well or live it sick?”

Man Oh Man
There are 5 men…2 famous doctors, 2 well-known health advocates and 1 mystery man…who provided the health information that’s had such a positive impact on Dianne’s life.
One of these 5 men she married…what a love story!
“It’s beautiful how Paul was always by your side.”

How does she do it?
Since the mid 1990’s… Dianne hasn’t been treated by a medical doctor, and she hasn’t taken drugs – prescription or over-the-counter.
Find out what Dianne did to heal.

“I’ve been tremendously blessed, and I want to be a blessing to others…”

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Hungry for more?
Recipe Talk

Isn’t it quite the letdown…just heartbreaking…when there’s a recipe you want to create. Then, you come across these dreaded words…5 apples, a handful of raisins, 4 ribs of celery.

A vague amount…for an ingredient…is one of Dianne’s biggest pet peeves in recipes, if not her biggest. “Because of the 5 apples amount, I dealt with pieces of pie that spread along the plates upon which they were served…” she laughingly recalls. “I didn’t plan on what I got…apple sauce atop crust! Good thing I wasn’t expecting guests…sheesh.” And, in case you’re wondering…there’s no celery in Dianne’s apple pie!
More, please?
Dianne continues… “As he exclaimed over the amazing sapor, my husband happily ate every last bit. I couldn’t deny the excellency of savor, yet the disappointing form and texture were overwhelmingly disturbing distractions for me. What a mess…a delectable mess…still a mess!

As Hubby licked his lips in sheer delight, he agreed we wouldn’t present this pie…with its misshapen form…to anyone. What a super sad state of culinary affairs, for yours truly. I’m back to the drawing board with another recipe to instruct me. Would I have success this time around? Who knows? But… I certainly do want to know that I’ll have great form and texture, fabulous taste…an appealing and nourishing pie! Don’t I deserve this much from a healthy recipe? Of course I do!”

It Takes Two
…one to instruct well and one to follow directions.

Mishaps…like the one Dianne describes…don’t have to happen to you.
Turning The Tables

You absolutely deserve recipe successes, and because of this… Dianne provides a specific amount for each ingredient, in all her foodie fashions.

Do you know?
Smashwords is exclusive for where to find Dianne’s 100% accurate and most up-to-date recipes…exactly how she fashions them in her very own kitchen!

Why Recipes That WOW! makes all the difference?

*Eating is…always a joyous, eventful experience
*Happily strut a healthy weight…through consuming nourishing, satiating meals
*Dianne’s collection comprises…a wide variety of foods for nutrient diversity
*Described are the foods to choose…that are of highest quality
*These culinary creations have been designed with…total wellness as the priority
*Detailed instructions lead to…successes every time
*Specific ingredient amounts given…no more drizzles, splashes, sprinkles, bunches and handfuls
*No pre-made foods…listed as ingredients…that come in jars, cans, packages, boxes, etc
*Weight measurements provided…for the useable portions of produce…instead of 3 pieces of fruit, and so on
*Exciting are…the many fabulous, flavor adventures
*Each recipe includes…only foods that taste magnificent by themselves
*Find do-ahead steps…promoting efficiency in food prep…utilizing cracks of time
*Presented are appetizers, condiments, desserts, snacks, main courses, drinks…and morning dishes
*Fashion divine desserts with simplicity…no oven baking or stovetop cooking
*Yields and servings noted…for targeted, menu planning
*Get inspiring ideas…to spark culinary imagination

Salutary recipes with sublime sapor, this is what Dianne is about. She says, “From my heart to the little girl or boy on upwards to seniors…with everyone in between…I adore touching lives through my passion for marrying nutritious foods that equals to deliciousity.” Dianne thinks it’s important to…live life well, and live it deliciously!

Dianne continuously publishes mouthwatering delicacies for an ever-growing, delectable mélange from which to choose. Recipes That WOW is what she titles her repertoire of sensational, culinary creations. The WOW represents Wellness Over Weakness and divine savor.

With love…bon appetit, Dianne!
And yes it’s true… I would love love love to be on the television show, “The Chew.”
What fun to be amongst five extremely passionate foodies!

Another desire I have is…
to start a homestead with my darling Paul.
To be continued…
Read more of this interview.

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iLoveToLiveWell presents its show of tabbouleh…featuring charming enhancements of quinoa, lemon, olives and pistachios! This chic mélange has amusing textures, superb sapors and lovely hues…with the silky, sensual joy of tomato…the herbaceous, verdant beauty and vibrant taste of parsley…the revivifying sensation indicative to mint…plus the whimsical crunch and adoring succulence of cucumber.
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No Cook, Jazzy Jams: Fig, Blueberry, Blackberry and Raspberry … Get Jammin’ and Spread The Love!
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Imagine black raspberry jam accenting slices of succulent peaches, pears and/or warm out of the oven, bread. Incredible on the glossa are juicy, crisp apple wedges…or hunks of creamy banana…dunked in blackberry jam. Delight in fig, maple jam atop rich cheese or a dark chocolate bar! Taste the delectableness of lavender, lemony blueberry jam…mingled with thick, lush crème fraiche…over fruit.
Loving Ranch Dressing … Dressed For Success!
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The nouveau style of ranch for your salads… iLoveToLiveWell proposes…an incredibly tasty, honey dulcet, cashew almond cream seductively soured with the added savoriness of onion, garlic, dill, parsley, shallots and white pepper. Taste the love…love the taste! Dip into or go with the flow and pour it on…have fun dressing up. Anyway you enjoy ranch, this recipe will have you dressed for success!
Splendid Honeyed, Strawberry Lemonade with Mint And Bonus… Minty, Strawberry Orangeade with Hibiscus Flower Tea
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Feelin’ splashy? How about sipping into something more comfortable? Be cool, kick back and relax under the healing sunshine…or take shade beneath the majestic stature of a tree…while supping this silky smooth, BerryLicious lemonade that’s stunningly gorgeous, super refreshing and health-enhancing.

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