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  • Adopted on Jan. 14, 2011

    It's a simple story with a beautiful message, I loved the message and the idea of the plot. But it could have been developed much more better and the plot had a lot to give more than just three pages. A little editing needed that's it. God bless you, keep reading keep writing! ;)
  • The Clever Detective: Story 1 (A Fairy Tale Romance) on Jan. 14, 2011

    Although I couldn’t get the relation of the title of the story with the story itself, I guess it just justifies the fact that our heroine Stacey Alexander PI is somewhat ‘clever’ in her case solving skills. The story had a bit humor which I really enjoyed and it seems to make a parody out of certain fairy tails which is something I always like. It could have been a bit more developed and stretched out but it was pretty good, romance, humor and fantasy, pretty good mix. Also I liked the author voice; she gives you Stacey talking not Linsey writing how Stacey would talk.
  • Clever is as Clever Does: Story 2 (A Fairy Tale Romance) on Jan. 14, 2011

    Now I loved this title, it really got me interested in the story and I loved the story as well. Much more fairy tale parody (the Grim Brothers probably stirred in their graves!) sweet funny romance and humor. The author seems to have a good thing coming up with romance comedies. There is supposedly said at the end that there is more stories about PI Stacey and HotShot Chad coming up. I’ll definitely be in the look out for them. I wish to see if the writer shows us a little background, I mean, Chad must have a mother right? I would like to see how Stacey gets along with the in-laws as well for Chad, after all he took Stacey out of her normal world to a dream land! Where the heck is her parents saying about this?? Hoping to read more... :)
  • Kate and Ben on Jan. 14, 2011

    Oh My Holy Sugar! That was a very,very touching story packed with so much feeling, I loved it! It really touched me to the point my eyes watered, real talent. Again; I loved it.
  • carlos de la oruga on Jan. 20, 2011
    (no rating)
    Es una fábula, pero definitivamente fue traducida (probablemente por un programa) del inglés (o algún otro idioma) al español. El problema es que aunque tiene un lindo mensaje guardado, los multiples errores de sintaxis, gramaticales y la mala conjunción de los verbos impiden la apreciación entera de la historia. Dios les bendiga!
  • Elastic Band on Jan. 30, 2011

    Slightly short, but good since there wasn't much to stretch in the plot. I loved the idea, although I would have enjoyed it far more if I was able to see Alice's point of view when she started flying and what she saw up there in the sky as she went up higher and higher leaving behind her home and her family. Nice, light read.
  • Historia de un Crimen Perfecto on May 07, 2011

    Tremendo relato de misterio. Me encanto como se va introduciendo el personaje y como desde el momento en que comete el primen crimen, el alma y la mente de Erik comienzan a contaminarse poco a poco hasta que ni el mismo se percata de lo que hace. El ambiente y la atmosfera mantuvieron una excelente armonia hasta llevar al lector a un final realista pero que de todas formas lo deja a uno corto de respiracion.
  • Garden Dreams on Feb. 28, 2015

    This short story has a very unusual plot, very unusual type of sex but definitely worth every penny.