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Jason has written three novels and two short story collections. His focus is on idea driven fiction that includes speculative elements.

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  • Way Over the Line on Nov. 05, 2011

    Have you had enough of alien abductions that involve unpleasant experiments? Do you like baseball? If so, perhaps Way Over the Line is for you. This book is a ton of fun. Two best friends, Ryder and Jessie, are abducted by some very cool aliens who want them to join their baseball team. Jessie loves baseball. There is just one problem–he is afraid of the ball! There is never a dull moment in this middle readers book as Jessie and Ryder prepare for the Over the Line tournament and explore their new “alien” surroundings. Ryder and the very cool aliens know that Jessie has the ability to be a great player and that they need him to win. First, however, they must help him get over his fear of the ball. Jessie also gets some encouragment from a cute alien girl named Aurrie. Unfortunately, some nasty repitilian space pirates also know about Jessie’s potential and they are less than supportive. You won’t want to miss a pitch in this fast-paced story as the last game approaches and the suspense builds. Eric J. Krause brings the excitement of baseball to life. You will feel as if you are in the batter’s box swinging at a fastball or out in the field with a line drive bearing down on you. He also captures with humor and insight the fun, and the insecurities, of being a kid. Way Over the Line will leave a smile on your face. It is nice to know that some aliens just want to play baseball!
  • Stepford USA (Accidental Spy Small Town Adventure) on Dec. 30, 2011

    Some people think small town life is uneventful. Jade Snow, the protagonist of Lada Ray’s mystery-thriller, Stepford USA, thought so as well. But Jade was soon to learn that sleepy little towns can hold the biggest, scariest secrets! Jade arrives in Stepford in order to rest up before having a baby. However, she quickly starts to pick up hints that everything is not all charm and tranquility. Many years ago a horrible crime was committed from which the dust has never quite settled. With her husband halfway around the world, and while she awaits the birth of her baby, Jade tries to uncover the truth. But who can she trust? In a small town that harbors a dangerous secret one misstep can be fatal! This exciting page-turner written by Lada Ray will have you guessing who did it from the very beginning. Lada skillfully weaves many surprises into this psychological thriller. Her exquisite scene setting together with compelling dialogue makes Stepford USA a fascinating, if at times nail-biting, read. If you are a cat lover, as I must admit I am, you will very much enjoy the exploits of a certain heroic feline who plays no small part in this book. I highly recommend Stepford USA. Jade Snow is intelligent, warm and witty. Join her as she puts the pieces together and helps release a town from its dark, hidden past.
  • Gold Train (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) on Feb. 18, 2012

    If you enjoyed the charming young detective, Jade Snow, in Stepford, USA, you will absolutely love her next adventure in Gold Train. Jade travels to Russia to do a piece for Time magazine and the second she steps off the plane the excitement, and magic, begins. This thriller has it all! It has the two romantic locations of Moscow and St. Petersburg for its backdrop. It has real princes and princesses, who may or may not be undercover agents and spies. It has the whisperings of revolution, deepening international intrigue, plus beautiful trains and huge piles of gold! Jade, however, is the real treat. She does not have super powers, nor even any formal training in the spy business, but she is daring, and clever, and her heart is always in the right place. She must rely on her intution to make choices her life, and world peace, depend on. Read Gold Train and be transfixed as Jade stays one step ahead of her adversaries through quick thinking and bold actions. This book is so believable it reads like a true story. Lada Ray takes you inside the grand houses of Russia to witness an unfolding mystery you will not soon forget.
  • Catharsis, Legend of the Lemurians (Earth Keepers Chronicle 1) on Sep. 15, 2012

    Do you believe in the Atlanteans or, the even more obscured by time and history, Lemurians? If these ancient civilizations did exist, how did they arise? Could they have come from another planet? 'Catharsis, Legend of the Lemurians' is a fascinating allegorical tale by the talented author, Lada Ray. It is the prequel to the upcoming 'The Earth Shifter', a young adult fantasy exploring the possibility of a comet's catastrophic visitation to planet Earth! In 'Catharsis, Legend of the Lemurians', we learn of the Lemurians. The Lemurians like to sing, share, and grow food, yet are forced to live behind electric fences and given the ignominious name "Uglies". The other inhabitants on their planet, the Catharsians, are vain and greedy. The Catharsians are obsessed with trying to be "beautiful". They pay little attention to the Uglies, unless it is to heap disdain upon them. That is, until the planet Catharsis starts to act up. What happens next has implications for our own future as well as our distant path. This allegorical story contains important truths, which are especially relevant today. Read 'Catharsis, Legend of the Lemurians'! It will get you thinking about collective karma, where we might have come from, and what the future could hold if we do not learn to care for each other and to share the resources of planet Earth.
  • The Earth Shifter on Feb. 19, 2013

    ‘The Earth Shifter’ takes the reader on a world-enriching spiritual journey filled with drama and excitement! Lada Ray, with her keen intuitive sense, has written another impressive thriller. As in her previous thrillers, ‘Gold Train’ and ‘Stepford USA’, Ms. Ray artfully puts the pieces in place, building the suspense steadily until the reader is fully encompassed. In ‘Gold Train’ we were treated to the mystery of the Tsar’s missing gold. In ‘The Earth Shifter’ we journey back to key moments in Russian history to gain insight into the forces influencing the fate of the Earth today. If you have never been to Russia, let Ms. Ray introduce you to Moscow and Siberia as you have never imagined them. The powerful natural forces of the Russian steppes and the rich historical legacy of Moscow shine in the pages of this thriller providing a unique perspective on the world changes that are taking place around us. There is an exciting spy component to this book that includes corporate espionage as well as secret government agencies. What do we discover at the top of these stealth organizations? It is not high-tech but rather psychic powers! Remote viewers and shamans are of interest to this power-obsessed community. Will multinational corporations drive the world to a horrible fate, or will spiritual leaders heal the world by using the magic and wisdom of the ancient traditions? Read ‘The Earth Shifter’ and find out! Lada writes the characters in ‘The Earth Shifter’ beautifully. You will feel the excitement as you experience the joys and frustrations of two families destined to bring forces on opposite sides of the globe together. ‘The Earth Shifter’ has incredible scope. It combines geopolitics, spirituality, cultural depth and, perhaps most of all, the idea that it is the relationships we form, how we treat each other, that is so important to the healing of the planet. I highly recommend this book.