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J. Nell Brown is a best selling inspirational non-fiction author who's transitioning into inspirational fiction as well. She writes novels in order to paint a human likeness upon the faceless and gift a voice to the voiceless. An involuntary insomniac, Brown practices medicine and writes in her free time. Her relationship with Yeshua mixed with experiences in life, travel, and peoples' stories blend together to form characters, plots, and geographical settings for her novels. A21 Campaign, a charity for human-trafficked children, is her charity of choice for a percentage of the proceeds from her novels. Thank you for purchasing my books as we eradicate human trafficking together.


Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Gainesville, Florida in a family of four girls. My father was a Chaplain at Florida State Penitentiary. Needless to say, my father didn't want my sisters and me to fall into life's traps and end up in the situation that his mission field of prisoners found themselves in. As a result, my sisters and I were sheltered. Reading was great escapism. My favorite reads as a child were actually architectural and travel magazines. I would dream of traveling the world and meeting interesting people. Now, I love travelling both on a plane and my imagination. I hope to share some of my travels through the words in my novels.
When did you first start writing?
My first short story was written in high school. My classmates and I were charged with writing a story in any genre. After a week passed, we would read our short story in class. I chose the genre of suspense. Writing the story was easy, and the fear that registered on my classmates' faces as I took their imagination down dark hallways, poorly lit corners, dead end decoys, etc was priceless. Of course, I ended the story with a cliff hanger and chuckled as my classmates asked me to finish the story. I told them the story had been completed and they would need to make up their own ending. Fortunately, as a novelist, I don't leave the ending to my readers imagination!
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