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I am very much a family oriented person, however I do love to read romance works. Short works of erotic fiction on LIT to Paranormal Romance Novels and Series. I love the fantasy world it portrays and the ability to loose myself in another place.

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  • Game Lost, Love Gained. on Oct. 07, 2013

    Romance, Rivalry, Lust, Enemys, and yes HEA!!
  • The Life of Anna, Part 1: Enslaved on Sep. 07, 2014

    I was given this book for review and must say, what an amazing read! I mean from the first chapter it captivated me and kept me spell bound watching Anna's life unfold. From dark to darker, her world ripped and torn at every turn, only to bring you to the brink where you gasp for your next breath from being so on edge. This book is wickedly delightful and down right disturbing. This world is not one I would like to imagine to be real, but the fascination of feeling like a voyeur almost, makes this book impossible to put down. I started this book and finished it in one sitting, I seriously was breathless captivated at times and shivered with fear at others. Anna pulled me along her journey and her heart held me hostage. To go through what she does and be an angel of light even in the dark me me love her all the more. The men in this book are the perfect mix of what you would expect with a dark drama, two faces to every man. One he shows in closed doors and the other he shows the world. Darkly delicious and dangerously devious, they fill you with fear and bring you to the edge of sanity. Then again, the devil never looked so good as these men, caretakers and harbingers of horrific erotic scenes...make you want to scream, as your thighs become wet from your arousal. The author uses amazing details to enhance the pleasure and pain Anna deals with and, I for one, can't wait for book two! Bravo to the author!! I would recommend to anyone looking for a fresh dark erotic read with a 'hint' of romance.