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  • The Ghost Hunter on Nov. 12, 2010

    The Ghost Hunter by Lori Brighton was a fabulous read. Or maybe I should say it was a “fanfreakingtastic” read to quote our main character Ashley. I would say that was her signature phrase and I seriously giggled every time she said it. This is the first book I’ve read by Brighton, and I was quite glad it came my way. Especially with such yummy male characters. And boy do I have a fondness for yumminess, especially in the form of muscly men. Which brings me to my character section of the review: First off we have our main character Ashley who is stubborn beyond all possible reason, but she also sees ghosts. I kind of felt bad for her because she seems to think she has serious issues because of it. I don’t know, I guess I’d like to think that if I grew up seeing ghosts my parentals would have been supportive instead of telling me I was totally nuts. No….I’m dead serious….(pun intended). But, not our Ashley. She won’t fess up to it to anybody for the longest time. But still, she seems strong and not super whiny which is always nice in a female character. Then we have the ghosts. Oh yes, the ghosts. I actually really liked them. I wish there would have been more reference to them with dialogue including them in the book, they were that fun. Especially a very sexy ghost by the name of Devon that I wouldn’t mind if he haunted me a bit! *prrrrrr* Lastly we have our dearest wickedly sexy man…..Christian. Man, there is a body I would like to run my hands all over (and my tongue for that matter). Can we say sex on a stick!! Christian was our main male character who right off the bat you know is supernatural and definitely up to no good. And….he possibly has no heart. Well, not literally, he just isn’t really the feeling type. Or is he? *dun dun dun dun: cue evil music* He was such a confusing character that I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to see what he would do. Crafty fellow that one! Not only were the characters enjoyable, so was the plot. It was intense and quite surprising. I never knew quite what would happened next which is something that I enjoy in books. Predictable is too easy, I like a book to make me think. So, I guess in conclusion, with a very fascinating and suspenseful plot, lovely characters, crazy possessed basements, sexy ghosts, freaking awesome swords and a super sweet back tattoo, you’ll want to give this book a read of your own.
  • Unlovable on Oct. 26, 2011

    3.5 Stars A mother too drunk to get off the couch, a girl who has put up with her drunk mother since she lost her grandparents at the age of four, an undercover cop who is trying to breakup the drug ring that has been circling around the city killing off people: that is what awaits in Unlovable by Sherry Gammon. A heart wrenching contemporary thriller, Unlovable is the story of a girl and what she must do to survive. Maggie's mother has always drank, at least as far back as Maggie can remember. If it wouldn't have been for the drunk driver that killed her grandparents, Maggie wouldn't have had to move in and take care of her mother at the age of four. Most days and nights her mom is passed out on the couch, drunk. But for Maggie, this has always been her life so she deals with it the best way she can. Seth Prescott, a member of the Mobile Enforcement Team (MET) is currently undercover as a senior at Port Fare High School. Seth and a couple others from his team have infiltrated the school in an effort to find the supplier of the heroin that has been causing the deaths around the city. Highly trained and highly attractive, Seth must find the supplier before more people wind up dead. I had mixed feelings when reading Unlovable and if I could rate it in sections I would say I liked the first half, but I loved the second half. It was like Ms. Gammon's writing just kept getting better and better as the book progressed. Writing in a double narrative, as Unlovable is, is never an easy thing [as I said in a totally unrelated book review], but Ms. Gammon was able to make it mostly work. I could definitely differentiate between the two narrators, Maggie and Seth, their unique voices pushing through the chapters. I could feel the older voice of Seth when he spoke and Maggie's younger voice with an added judgmental air about it almost always told me it was her speaking. Seth--sans some of the beginning chapters because he was kind of cheesy--was actually a freakishly awesome guy. He was strong, kind, sweet and understanding more than anyone ever should be. He was pretty humble and protective and full of this unyielding passion for most things around him and most people for that matter. Seth had suffered a lot in his life and I think it kind of made him into this saintlike guy. I would say, the only problem I had with Seth was that he was too perfect. I had a hard time connecting with him if only for that reason, but in the end I still really loved him. Maggie on the other hand I had a little trouble getting to like and I couldn't really figure out why Seth liked her. She was awfully judgmental and just assumed that Seth was a jerk because he hung out with the popular crowd and because he was freakishly sexy. Now, I can totally say that in high school I was guilty of the same thing so I guess I couldn't hold it against first. But she kept at it for awhile and I kind of wanted to hurt her. About halfway through the book she finally develops enough as a human being to realize she's being an idiot, because Seth is unfailingly kind and sweet and doesn't deserve her attitude, and I could finally like her. The last half of the book was so much different from the rest. I think it's because the characters finally took on a more layered characterization as did the plot. It kind of turned the whole book around for me and the only thing that I can say is that everything just kind of turned technicolor and seemed a lot more real. Seth was a little less perfect, Maggie had emotions every shade of the rainbow and the plot was fast paced and intense. A couple of the parts may have been a bit unrealistic, but it didn't really bother me. {QUOTE}"[...]He wrapped his warm hands around my face and pulled me next to him. "Are you saying I don't matter to you?" (Seth) "No. We're friends, good friends." I swallowed hard at my words. "So if I were to kiss you, it wouldn't mean a thing to you?" "It'd be like kissing my brother," I whispered. "Is that right?" He ran his thumbs along my jaw, sending a shiver up my back. He smiled. "Let me show you who the delusional one is, Maggie. Oh, and if I'm boring you, feel free to stop me at any time." He leaned forward and in one swift motion captured my mouth with his before I could utter a word.{CLOSE QUOTE} Overall, Unlovable turned out to be a pretty good read and the fact that I couldn't get Seth and his relationship with Maggie out of my head for a good couple days only proves as much. Sherry Gammon has a way with dialogue that really gets to a reader and I loved the interactions between Seth and Maggie and all of the sub-characters. I give Unlovable a 3.5/5 and recommend it to those who enjoy clean YA Fiction, Thrillers and Law and Order type books. And while it's not categorized as Christian Fiction, some of the writing reminds me of it. I'd definitely put it in Inspy Fiction.