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Smashwords book reviews by Jennifer Thomas

  • Adventures In Funeral Crashing (Funeral Crashing Mysteries #1) on Jan. 09, 2012
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    This is the story of Kait Lenox who is a junior and a social outcast at her highschool. She works at a video store, reads, and crashes funerals. Her mother passed away and since then she has loved going to funerals of any person, mostly because she likes how friends and family come together to celebrate peoples lives. While crashing a funeral she runs into the hottest guy in school, Ethan, whom she has a crush on. Come to find out it is his half sister's funeral who died from an overdose of drugs. From there they start an investigation on their own to find out if his sister's death was indeed accidental or if there was some foul play involved. I really liked this book. I liked that Kait was someone who I have things in common with and could relate to. Ethan sounds like a great guy. A guy that most people would want to be friends with. There are some interesting plot twists and good humor. Just a few things were a little predictable. It is a very well written, fun book. I would recommend it to all ages. I would also like to say thanks to Milda Harris and Kay for the opportunity to read this through Read 2 Review.
  • Blood Warrior on Jan. 18, 2012
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    Blood Warrior by H.D. Gordon is about Alexa Montgomery, a 17 year old girl who is in no way a normal teenage girl. She has spent her entire life "practicing" with her mother. Practicing consists of training with her mother to become a strong and skilled fighter. Her main focus is to protect and keep safe her sister Nelly. Alexa is sure that her mother and sister are hiding something from her, but does not know what. One night her home is attacked and she is forced to leave her mother behind to protect her sister. They travel to a new place called Two Rivers where Alexa finds out about a whole new world that her and her sister belong to. I had heard lots of good things about this book, so I was excited to be able to receive a copy as part of the Read 2 Review program. I am very happy to say that this book did not disappoint. I thought that the characters were very well developed. The book has some similarities to Vampire Academy, but in my opinion does not detract from the book at all. Blood Warrior kept my attention throughout the entire book and I had a hard time putting it down when I needed to. I really enjoyed this book and I will definitely be getting the next one as soon as it is available. Thanks for the opportunity to read this H.D. Gordon!
  • Angel Evolution on March 16, 2012

    I received this book as part of the Read 2 Review program on Goodreads, so thank you to David Estes for allowing us a chance to read your story. I would like to say that I was pleasantly surprised that the whole Angel vs. Demon story had a twist to it in this book. Taylor is a young girl who just started college at UT with her best friend and room mate Sam. Taylor has always had nightmares about snakes. During one of her nightmares where she is dying of thirst, she sees two "beings". One has a light about them and the other is surrounded by darkness. One gives her water, the other pours sand in her mouth. When she wakes up she cannot recall which one was the being that tried to help her and give her water. Then she meets Gabriel who is beautiful, but seems to have a light surrounding him like the being in her dream. She soon finds out that he is an angel. What she doesn't know is that he and his fellow angels have a hidden agenda for her because she is special. Taylor has a super strong aura of light, and angels can use that light as a weapon in the battle of angels and demons. This book was great. It had well thought out characters and a plot that kept your attention and wanting more. I enjoyed that the story was different in that the angels and demons are not the ones that usually come to mind associated with religion. These angels were created from a human that was bitten by a black snake with red eyes, and evolved into what they are now. Very interesting story and I will definitely be reading the next books!