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  • Nightmares From Eberus - A Speculative Fiction Collection on Oct. 15, 2010

    Have not read a collection of short stories for a long time and this made me wonder why. Enjoyed most of the stories, especially serial and shockers. Worth reading, good to have a collection of different genres - it makes for much more consuming reading. If only I could get around my loathing of e-books.........
  • The Ash Spear on Jan. 03, 2011

    Finally finished the book after many interruptions. Having not read the first two books, I thought I would not be able to understand this one but to be honest it does not seem to matter - nothing seemed to rely on the original books. Having said that my feeling was that this was a story lacking direction and content. It seemed to ramble from fireside to fireside without any of the "beginning, middle and end" that is normally associated with a story. Over all, I probably just did not get the point but this is not a book that would make me rush out to read the first two or any more of this series. Thanks for the opportunity to read it anyway.