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I'm a mom first of two boys living in Arizona but have always been a determined writer and was excited to find Smashwords as I surfed one day.

The idea for Joanie Adventure came when my son ran out of Junie B. Jones books to read with his father and I told him I would come up with a series for him. Inspired by Junie B. Jones, my character is a 6 year old girl who finally gets her birthday wish and gets, not one, but two puppies! The challenges and craziness of owning new puppies brought laughter from my boys as I read my story to them at the dinner table each night. Wanting to capture more experiences like this with them, I decided to make the book into a series and gave Joanie a father who worked for the local television station. He is promoted to a traveling reporter and gets to travel the world as he reports back his adventures to his television audience. The fun begins when Joanie's parents decide to take her out of school, hire her a tutor and make the decision to bring the new puppies along.

I hope your family will get as much enjoyment out of Joanie Adventure as I have with mine.

I am currently writing the second book in the series, "Joanie Adventure - A for Arizonia." The first stop on her father's journey as a travel reporter, we'll join Joanie, her family and the puppies as they explore "Arizonia" and all it's wonders, including the Grand Canyon! Learn about the Grand Canyon and laugh along with us as Joanie quickly discovers that raising puppies involves more that just kisses and doggy treats!

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