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  • The Ghost Hunter on Dec. 02, 2010

    Wow!! What more can I say, that one word pretty much sums up my feelings on this read. I loved it, absolutely loved it. I thought this was a beautiful story and well written. I won this e-copy on a blog and was a little nervous, being my first e-book I've read. I really love having a book in my hands, so I am hoping this will go to print so I can place in on my bookshelf with all my favorite reads. I was pulled into the story right off the first few lines. Christian was intensly hot. I loved the stuggle within himself as he was fighting his attraction to Ashley. From the second she walked into the pub, he was intensly aware of her. There was so much going on in this book. The odd towns people, the rumbling in Ashley's pub, the ghosts, the evil surrounding the town and the odd door in the basement. Ashley has always been different and never feeling like she belongs. When she inherits the pub from her aunt, she jumps at the chance to start over and hopefully find answers about her missing father. What she didn't expect, the ghosts she bonded with and a man she has an intense attraction to. She knows something is off about Christian and is struggling to put the pieces together. She is fighting this attraction and at the same time she wants to wring his neck. These two characters have everything I love in a romance. They want eachother, but at the same time they are both fighting their feelings as they are slinging insults and getting hot and heavy against the wall. They have a hot and cold relationship where I am anxious and needy to have them give into it. It's a sign of a great read for me, when I can't stop reading and am so invested in these characters that they have me on the edge of the seat guessing where they are going to go and what they are going to do next. I was in equal parts frustrated with both Christian and Ashley at different parts of the story. I wanted to knock their heads together so they could see what was right in front of them. Devon was like a third wheel. He was there in the sidelines. I liked him and liked his character, but felt like he kept getting in the way. The town and other characters...Devon, Camile, Rose, the ghosts and even the Demon in the basement really rounded the story out. I was a little sad to see Devon's demise, though I didn't want him with Ashley, I had a lot of love for him and his sexy arse :) Overall, amazing read. Loved it and I loved how I was sucked into the story feeling just as sexually frustrated as these characters
  • Cattitude on Jan. 18, 2011

    This was a cute fun read. I thought the storyline was unique and different. The story is about a cat named Belle and her human owner Max. Max is headstrong and the man in his family. After his father's death, at the age of 12 Max took over the company and took over as head of the family. He is the type who makes all the decisons and is the one in charge. Max rescued Belle and the two had a fun home life. Belle is a cat and is stubborn and is used to getting her own way, until Caroline moves in. This is when things get interesting, Caroline is money hungry and insecure. After she found out her late husband was broke, she pushed him off a cliff and now has set her eyes on Max. Belle being very intuitive, knows there is something off about Caroline and takes every opportunity to piss her off. Caroline has had enough and can't get through to Max with his cat in the way and Carolines next decision is what starts this story. I loved reading about Belle's struggle with Scorcha's human body and it was so fun to see Belle keep her stubborn personality and her high and mighty attitude. It was heartwarming to watch her struggle with her feelings for Max. She was having strange feelings she wasn't quite understanding and anxious to get back to her cat body. Max is instantly attracted to Belle and at several points in the story noticed how much her personality was like his missing cat's. This story was told through several points of view. Belle the cat and Bell the human, Scrocha(the down on her luck physic who feels unloved, and the one who switches bodies with Belle) Caroline(villan #1), Phil(villan #2's brother), and the little outcast girl Gwen who lives down the road. We also have somewhat of a secondary romance between Max's sister and Phil. I really liked Phil, he was dealing with inner turmoil on realizing what kind of person his half brother turns out to be. Ted, Max's brother was also part of this story and he was a fun character to watch grow with confidence as Max hands over the keys to the company. The two characters who I think overcame so much in the story was the little girl Gwen and Scorcha. Scorcha had a rough life and only wanted to be loved. As she was adjusting to being in the cat body she meets Gwen who is an outcast in her family and at school. The bond these two shared was really heartwarming. This was a feel good story and was happy to see how everyone came into their own