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I'm a mathematician. I work in differential topology (the study of curved surfaces in space ["differential manifolds" or "smooth manifolds"] on which particles, rigid bodies, and other objects move around in physics and engineering problems, amongst other applications), but most of my work applies verbatim to the other 2 classes of manifolds (topological and piecewise-linear) - as long as you have handlebody decompositions of the given class of manifolds and can add handles to one boundary component of a given manifold crossed with a closed interval (a "cobordism"), you're in business.

I'm not planning on going into research, though: I'm hoping to get a full-time teaching gig at a 2-year or 4-year college; if an institution has more than a Master's degree program, I'm not interested in applying. Having a doctorate makes you more attractive to potential future employers, and gives you rent over other job applicants for the same job. I'd like to work a little in Geometric Control Theory (applying differential topology and Lagrangian mechanics to engineering problems, specifically Control Engineering problems), but I don't want research to be a consideration for tenure if I can avoid it.

I worked in insurance for a while, in actuarial, but most of my exams (the "coin of the realm" in that job hunting market) have expired. I also had some computer technician certifications, but most of those expired as well.

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