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I'm J. R. Zuber. I was born in the South and raised in the West, and my stories draw on both of those cultures. I was blessed with southern parents, and a host of southern relatives, and was raised in suburban Little Rock, Arkansas. Uprooted by my fathers's job change to the rural plains of Colorado, I adapted to a totally new culture, and became versed in sports I had never played, swearwords I had never heard, and enjoyed the most wonderful collection of people I've ever met. I attended the University of Colorado, met my wife Janet, went to the service for three years, returned, and finished my BA degree. With an arts-based business career established, and by then three kids in tow, we as a family settled down to a pattern we would follow in all of our travels: seeking out and exploring the uniqueness of each area where we lived. What a wonderful country this is; the stuff of what we writers use for inspiration...diverse cultures, history, nature's wonders, and life itself. Think of it, all the personal stories we come in contact with each day. Life, love, humor, sorrow, ambition, tragedy, and abiding optimism...it's all there! I've tried to touch on many to tell a story, especially humor. I hope you enjoy my stories: juvenile and adult, in various genres on ebooks. You can readily access my stories by an author last name search. I thank you for your interest, and I welcome your comments. James R. Zuber

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Corona Station: "Top of the World"
You set the price! Words: 4,290. Language: English. Published: July 3, 2014. Category: Fiction » Women's fiction » General
May, 1910: Abby is back home in Denver after a failed try at independence and romance in San Francisco. Two years of struggle brings the reality of hard knocks into focus, and a re-commitment to start over with the basics: family and friends. Invited to be a bridesmaid in a rural mountain town, she books the only way to get there: an excursion train over daunting Rollins Pass, and destiny.

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