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  • Eden's Root on July 28, 2012

    copies from my account on goodreads: Rating: 3.5/5 First, I'd like to thank Rachel for sending me an advanced copy of her book. I really appreciated the gesture. This book had been recommended to me by one of my friends and after reading the summary of it, I was intrigued and added to my to-read pile. Eden's Root follows the journey of Fi Kelly and her family in search of Eden. The year is 2033 and the announcement of the food shortages has made people fear the worse. The world is no longer safe and it's everyone for itself. In this new world, Fi leads her family in hopes to find a place safe for all of them. Prior to this announcement and on his final months to live, Fi's father confessed to his daughter that she is the only hope to save their family. He lets her in onto a secret that he never revealed to anyone and gives her a mission to accomplish. A mission Fi never believed her 13 years old self(going on 14) would have survived in normal circumstances; but nothing is normal now. For months, she prepares herself physically and mentally for the journey ahead of her. Fighting, stealing, hunting and gathering become part of her. She's no longer the innocent girl she used to be; she's becoming a warrior. Now, I will admit that it took me a bit before really getting into the story. My mind couldn't wrap itself around the idea of a teenager leading a group of people. It took them leaving the city to finally get me into the story. Fi proved to be a good leader for the Family, but I'll admit that she got on my nerves from time to time. It was really a like/dislike relationship that I had with her. She was mature and, as I mentioned before, had leadership, but the way she thought sometimes made me remember that she was just a teenager. But no one could doubt how much she cared for her Family or her heart. And throughout the book, I could see her change, becoming the woman she was meant to be. But overall, whether I liked a character or dislike it, it just shows that the author did something good. Whenever I feel strongly about a character, it just means that I got into the story or else, hating or loving them wouldn't mean nothing. When I cried with the characters, enraged with them or laugh with them, it shows that I somehow became attached to them. And Rachel did just that with all of her characters. Fi might be the main character, but it wouldn't be the same without the other characters who brought in their own personality making this book more interesting to read. Because no one reacts the same in any situations and Rachel made sure that we could see many sides in this story. The story is about survival, but it also gives you reasons to believe in love and trust. Things that Fi will learn through the journey. Mistakes will be made, lessons will be taught, but how can it be different when this is a whole new world they are learning to live through? Overall, I liked the story a lot. It was quite an interesting idea that Rachel came up with and I'm really excited about reading the next books in the trilogy. I want to see the characters grow into this new world; I want to see what this new world will evolve into and mostly, I want to believe like them that hope is not a wasted sentiment.