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Kat Duncan is a creation extremist who is doing her best to identify human creativity and free it from captivity, one student at a time. As a young child, Kat once tried to confess the telling of her stories to her parish priest because she thought they fit the definition the nuns gave for telling a lie. With her lies fully sanctioned and blessed by church authorities, Kat writes stories to entertain and enlighten. She is a Fulbright Scholar who spent a year in West Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Kat has a master's degree in education and over a dozen years of experience teaching students from elementary through college and beyond. Her stories span a range from realistic historicals to quirky suspense. Visit her at: http://www.katduncan.net

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How to Handle Conflict and Tension
By Kat Duncan
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 19,650. Language: English. Published: April 11, 2014. Category: Nonfiction
(5.00 from 1 review)
Tension brings out the best and the worst in characters. If you have difficulty plotting novel-length stories, struggle to write scenes where anything of actual story-worthiness happens, worry about the pacing of your drafts, or have a general reticence to put your characters into hot water, this book will show you some techniques for adding tension and conflict to your fiction writing.
Into the Pale
By Kat Duncan
Series: Cumbria Trilogy, Book 3. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 93,850. Language: English. Published: December 24, 2011. Category: Fiction
To season himself as a knight, and test his mettle in holding onto his celibacy, Sir Gilbart of Fellswick accompanies Richard Strongbow's invasion of Ireland. A clever Irish noblewoman challenges not only his prowess as a knight, but his resolve to keep himself chaste.
Ransom's Bond
By Kat Duncan
Price: Free! Words: 29,870. Language: English. Published: November 21, 2011. Category: Fiction
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
Arliss MacDonald is the newest con-man to arrive in the Edinburgh financial district. The inheritance he plans to steal from Marinel Bethune is locked in a land war between two powerful family corporations, the Campbells and the MacLeans. Before Mari will let Arliss steal her fortune, or her heart, she has a few old scores to settle. And Arliss is the perfect man for the job.
A Lady of Worth
By Kat Duncan
Series: Cumbria Trilogy, Book 2. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 94,970. Language: English. Published: August 31, 2011. Category: Fiction
Sir Ian cannot resist the lovely, fragile lady brought to his care through treachery. His courtly attentions to her tempt him to break all his knightly vows and risk all he is sworn to protect to win her love. Lady Seline only needed to fulfill one vow, birth her husband a male child. Stranded, and fearing for her life, will her attempt to oppose her false husband bring her valiant knight to ruin?
By Kat Duncan
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 70,490. Language: English. Published: July 31, 2011. Category: Fiction
Stalked by a killer bent on stealing her laboratory notebook, Molly Augur is desperate to figure out who she can trust. With the help of co-researcher Bill Banely, she uses DNA technology she invented to prove she can release hidden ancestral memories. In the face of limitless money, what is the value of Bill’s love? Or the value of her life? The answers lie deep within the synapses of her mind.
Sunda Cloud
By Kat Duncan
Price: Free! Words: 13,850. Language: English. Published: June 20, 2011. Category: Fiction
In the new Cold War battlefield of Indonesia, two old comrades conspire to topple the fledgling democracy. The weapons of this war are not nuclear missiles, but a far more deadly weapon. Money. But without the help of capitalist Anton Zelman their plot will fail. Anton's help comes at a price. But who will pay?
Without a Lord
By Kat Duncan
Series: Cumbria Trilogy, Book 1. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 111,420. Language: English. Published: January 10, 2011. Category: Fiction
(3.00 from 1 review)
Denied the lands that had been long promised him, Sir Roger vows to take what is rightfully his, the lands of his own lord, and the lord's new lady along with them. Lady Caille is not the type to run from a fight. Faced with an indecent proposal she must choose between love and honor.
Six Days to Midnight
By Kat Duncan
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 96,940. Language: English. Published: December 31, 2010. Category: Fiction
(4.00 from 1 review)
The finance mogul thinks Janet Thompson is worth a fortune. The President wants her for revenge. The nuclear arms trader needs her dead. The diplomat is willing to rescue her. And Janet thinks she’s only taking a break from her boring job.
Telling Details, 2nd Edition
By Kat Duncan
Price: Free! Words: 7,570. Language: English. Published: December 17, 2010. Category: Nonfiction
(1.00 from 1 review)
Telling Details explains the use and misuse of factual information in fiction, particularly in romance fiction. The updated second edition contains several new articles on how to effectively use details in fiction.

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  • The Dewey Boy on March 08, 2013
    star star star star star
    This is a wonderfully-written historical fiction of the time period of the early 1800s. The boy, a young George Dewey, later to become the famous admiral, spends the summer on a Vermont farm. If you are looking for a taste of the rural life of the time period, whether for your own reading enjoyment or to give young readers a sense of the time and place, you cannot go wrong with this lovely story.