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  • My Turn to Fail You on Jan. 14, 2013

    This book is set in Michigan on the shore and involves 4 adult main characters and one child. It starts out with Sean and Emma's story and then quickly involves Lucy and Kevin's. The stories interweave as they live and work together as many families do and they all take care of Megan. Throughout the book you wonder what if with the characters and become involved with their life stories. This is a well written dramatic love story with characters you love to hate. There are many instances within this book that I personally cursed the characters name (especially Lucy and Emma) but at the same time during their low-points I felt their pain. Overall, if I had to pick this book apart I would wonder what is happening with Megan and how everything in this affects or affected her, but this was a story about the adults not the child even though she has a starring role. I also am not a fan of one particular event in the book (in an effort to avoid spoilers I will not divulge that event). This was not enough for me to put the book down though as I was definitely invested in these characters. I feel that my fave character was Sean. He was a soldier that truly was affected by what he did and saw during his time spent as a soldier. His love for Emma is so strong that he would apparently do anything for her. Not that he didn't make mistakes, but overall he is truly a man of great passion and love. (As a disclaimer, I am related to the author of this book. This fact though did not affect my review of this book though as I thoroughly ripped apart the story during the editing process.)
  • In Too Deep on Oct. 18, 2014

    I received a copy of this book from in exchange for an honest review. It was a good story. The diver aspect was a different twist to the romance storyline from my perspective. I enjoyed the love story between Piper and West. Piper's brother Ben irritated me to no end - I wanted to throttle him numerous times. The subplots were intriguing and added to the story's depth. Perhaps at times, in my opinion, the story dragged a bit and I thought a few of those elements could have been removed. But overall it was good.