Kenn Bivins


Kenn Bivins worked as a designer and painter before evolving into a freelance illustrator who worked in many mediums that included comic books, magazines, and animation. Eventually his reach evolved into interactive media, developing websites and online animation.

Presently, Kenn dually works as a Web Developer and Art Director, developing websites and online applications from concept to completion. Though his background is layered and, from some vantage points, complex, Kenn is simply a storyteller.

He states, “Even if I’m simply illustrating a cat, there’s a story in my head about that cat – how he moves, why his tail is so bushy, whether he sleeps on a windowsill or under a bed, and so on. Words aren’t the only means to tell a story. I like to think of myself as a modern day griot. A griot is a member of a certain social distinction in western Africa whose primary function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or the village. This person would use song, dance, poems, or whatever to do so. Likewise, I use pictures, words, code, or whatever necessary to articulate my own narrative.”

Pious is his first novel.

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