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  • Argo on June 30, 2011

    About a year ago, I discovered Rick Griffin's amazing "Housepets" comic and a page-per-task reward system allowed me to finish my college classes on time, which attests to the draw of his stories. Though I am extremely excited for his NaNoWriMo Housepets writing project, and almost piddled myself thinking this was it, finding something completely different was in no way disappointing. Despite the inclusion of "furry" characters, this is some strict sci-fi. Behind the main story, Griffin gives the readers a peek into a future world that has enormous potential. A world where androids (or ani-droids, as he styles them) are not only commonplace, but vastly outnumber humans, while not rebelling, a la Asimov. Ani-droids have been surrounded by their own maker community, with simple garage mods and more complex artworks created by professionals, such as the narrator. Readers will find themselves fantasizing about their own ani-droids and the world they populate. While you probably wont see this among the Nebula or Hugo nominees, Argo would fit in well among the Starshipsofa or EscapePod podcasts. And, for $1.29, it would make a great evening read for any fan of androids, furries, and last-minute twists. Highly recommended.