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  • As I Died Laughing on Dec. 12, 2011

    David’s narrative is deceptively simple. He engages you with a chatty and comfortable style of writing before exploding some of the bombs of his ideas over your head. The reader is free to be swept along with the story without getting weighed down in ponderous descriptions. The character development is thorough, and the author allows them to be themselves, with their own motivations and actions, without telling the reader how we should be reacting to them. I don’t think I need to review the story, as the plot synopsis is enough there, but it’s not just a simple tale of one relationship. Along the way we encounter all sorts of relationships – ‘real-life’ friendships and love, and online interactions, both between ‘real’ identities and identity constructs. David’s book challenges the safe idea that ‘real relationships are good and online relationships are bad’ that we are fed by the media – but, true to reality, you’re left feeling that there are pitfalls to be negotiated in both.