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Why do you think fantasy readers will connect with a fantasy story that is lacking in the typical formula of magical powers and mythical creatures? Isn't that what makes fantasy fantasy?
I don't believe so. Personally I've become weary of the fantasy genre nowadays because of the overuse of the typical elements: elves, dwarves, trolls, vampires, and magic, for example. I want this series to be less idealistic (good vs. evil) and constructed with as many non-fiction style facts as possible to give this fantasy world its realistic, relatable twist. Human beings and human powers are overlooked as being fantastic within themselves: seeing/speaking to spirits, premonitions, ESP, vision seers, and those who use the power of the human intellect -- the ability to learn and grow through the attainment of knowledge. The humans I create (albeit of non-existent races) are from just as realistic a world as I can muster and suffer from the same limitations as in our world, which makes this place seem even more probable despite its fictional genesis. It's been my pleasure to write a tale highlighting the wonder of human faith and capability while also constructing a realm where the same kinds of fantastic adventures wait around every corner.
Five books is ambitious. What made you decide to write something so convoluted?
It was a decision made in spite of me. Frankly, this is not a story that can be finished in just one or two books. It's scope reaches beyond this world I created and into the universe that created it. To tell the tale correctly there must be at least five installments.
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