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I am a girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend. I absolutely love to read and enjoy passing on my favorites to all I know. I want my blog to inspire reading and help guide readers to new book adventures.

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Smashwords book reviews by Kristin Durham

  • Confessions of a Call Center Gal: a novel on July 16, 2011

    A hilarious comedy with some snark and punk. I fell in love with our maine character Maddison from the very beginning and just couldn't wait to find out where she was headed. Her fun adventure included curious characters, a prime location - the dreadful floor of a customer service call center and witty banter. I flipped right through the pages wanting to know what kind of caller would be on the line next or what insane corporate mandate would come down the pipeline. I have some quasi call center experience from a previous job and boy was it fun, the characters that I spoke with on the phone. Just ask my cubie mate Maria, man we had some doosies! But I digress. I laughed completely out loud at some of the calls she took both from how crazy people can be to the reality that there are people out there who makes these kinds of calls every day. I gained some perspective on how far being nice on the phone can get you somewhere with a customer service agent. Lim's characters were both funny and heartwarming. It was such fun to get to know each character and I loved how true and geniune they each were down to their bones. I think I have one of each in my life! I think she correctly described the people that we can all interact with on the job whether we want to or not! Although I didn't read this at the beach, I think this would be a perfect addition to the beach bag this summer - a cute and light read that will keep you laughing throughout. I may have been reminded a little of Jennifer Lancaster's spunky humor, but I will never compare one author truly to another!
  • Unleashed (Sydney Rye Series #1) on July 16, 2011

    A roller coaster ride that ends up with a few dead, but our heroine on a completely different career path. The twists and turns were fun to follow, while you chase after Joy as she hunts down a killer. Through an undercover NYC S&M club to a few gay and lesbian bars - this story took the reader through every neighborhood in New York City. I loved the peaks and valleys of the story, from high intensity chase scenes in underground tunnels to the slow moments where she is trying to figure out her next step, it was all believeable and a fun ride. At times I was wondering how everyone was connected, but I believe in the end the puzzle pieces all matched. The one change I would make was the chapters - at times choppy and short, I didn't understand the spacing of when a story ended and the next began. At the same time I loved how each chapter had a name - what a fun addition which you rarely see. A great thrill ride for those who are not faint of heart. A little gore and some language may keep few readers at bay - but those who like a fun ride will definitely enjoy this one.
  • Under The Neon Sky...A Las Vegas Doorman's Story on Nov. 28, 2011

    After sitting a day to write the review, I am still on the fence for this one. From one side of the fence, there were a crazy amount of curse words and the language was very crass. But the other side of the fence - this book provided an awesome insider's view of the city that many wish to visit for one reason or another. A doorman for the largest hotel in Las Vegas that within it are held the biggest boxing matches on the same nights of concerts, shows and more. A huge job that at times can be downright overwhelming partly because you are dealing with the public the entire time. I felt for him at his job where his supervisors were conniving and his co workers were deceitful. From his work life to his home life, he was surrounded with destruction. But I wonder and I think he wondered if it was all due to living in Las Vegas? An entertaining story that due to my being in Vegas for a quick work trip helped me see a different view of the city that maybe vacationers don't want to admit to seeing while they are in town. When I go back to vacation, I will definitely have this book in the back of my mind with questions about how well the employees are being treated in such a harsh atmosphere.
  • Adventures In Funeral Crashing (Funeral Crashing Mysteries #1) on Jan. 26, 2012

    Every now and then a YA book review is sent my way and I accept because with each read, I enjoy the YA genre more and more. This is another example of a highly entertaining YA read that us adults can also enjoy. From the beginning the reader is introduced to Kait, a high schooler who has lost her mom to cancer and finds a connection with her when she crashes funerals. This may sound crazy, but when she attends a funeral she ends up in the middle of a murder mystery that makes her confront all sorts of fears. I absolutely love books that have twists and turns and the reader is kept in the loop throughout. Nothing like the killer being a character that shows up in the end - no good. Not the case with this one, this author had the ability to give out facts, but let the reader take their imagination to find out who our killer is in the end. This is worth reading to the very last page. A book that is perfect for the high school reader who loves a little mystery, a little romance and may even be a reluctant reader. A warning to the the young readers, there is mention of heroin overdoses and through the reading, these are proved wrong. I in no way condone the use of any illegal substances, but I think that the topic is covered well in this book.