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  • A Feral Darkness on Feb. 03, 2011

    I think this was the first Doranna Durgin book I ever read and I got the title from a list of 'best Fantasy' ever from a forum I came across. I loved this story. The dogs/dog behaviour and human/dog interactions were realistic and engaging. The characters were well drawn and the mystery and magic were believable. The development of the story was really well paced. All in all, a great read.
  • Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold on Feb. 22, 2012

    4.5/5; 5 stars; A I thought this was a really good book. A lot of reviewers mention reading it in one sitting or not being able to put it down. I had the opposite problem. The author did such an amazing job of describing the vile racism and cruelty of some of the characters that I had to take a break fairly often. It took me a few days to read this book with a generous sprinkling of lighter books intermingled with this one. Don't let these comments deter you from reading this book. It is a beautiful love story and the characters are well defined. My only quibble with Cord's character was his perpetual doubting of Anne's commitment but he sure came through in the end. His brothers were complete emotional retards. I don't know if its possible for anyone to be that stupid but, in the context of the times, the author made me believe it was so. Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold featured lots of animals, another big plus from my perspective. I really enjoyed the horse training and care that was woven into the story.
  • Destiny For Three on April 29, 2012
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    From Goodreads review: 4/5; 4 stars; A- This book surprised me in a pleasant way and I'm glad I got it after reading Bookie Nookie's rave review. The characters were interesting and fleshed out enough to be believable. The time travel aspect was handled in a low key way that didn't jar me. The story is a historical romance with a strong erotica underpinnings yet there was a lot of story to go along with the numerous and well done sex scenes.
  • The Touchstone Trilogy on April 29, 2012

    This was such a great trilogy. I think it must be quite a challenge to write several books all from the POV of a person writing about their experiences in their diary. The author created an interesting world with compelling characters and a complex mystery as well as exciting action. I loved the main character Cassandra. She was so young yet so courageous, inventive, intelligent and good natured. This is a sci-fi/fantasy story that could be enjoyed by adults and young adults alike.