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Smashwords book reviews by Ramona Rebarchik

  • The Gatekeeper Chronicles Vol. 1: Intruder Alert on Dec. 17, 2012

    A fun romp for a family in a crazy house-- a portal between worlds. From the dragons in the oven, to the beach out of the sun room windows, to the candyland in the cookie jar the Gates family live a life unlike any other. They are the Gatekeepers, the guardians of the portals between world, yet a large, fun family just like any other. From a cranky aunt, to a fashion conscious sister, to a lost cousin, the Gates have their lives full of chaos and fun. This follows the adventures of family members on many worlds trying to help keep the peace with an intruder, an unauthorized traveler from one world to the next to catch, and a cousin to find on another darker world. This book leaves you wanting more-- which, fortunately, there is. A great book for older kids and adults too, this is one for the family.