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Smashwords book reviews by Teresa Jewett

  • Project Moses - An Enzo Lee Mystery Thriller on Dec. 03, 2012

    This was a fast paced and enjoyable read. Our main character is journalist Enzo Lee, who inadvertently because involved in the suspicious deaths of a judge and a corporate lawyer. On the surface, the deaths look incidental, but as Lee delves deeper he finds a connection to a company named AgriGenics.....the name even sounds dodgy! Dodgy is an understatement, as AgriGenics are involved in gene mutation and developing resistant crop diseases. In other words, biological warfare, which is not just being used on overseas farms, but on those in the USA. Their work is a far cry from what the original director had in mind when he launched the company to "feed the world" and end food poverty. A relationship develops between the aforementioned judge's niece, Sarah, and Lee. Other journalists, a detective and the former company founder also join forces to try and bring down the company and it's megalomaniac director. If you enjoy a good, fast moving thriller with a touch of conspiracy theory then you will certainly love this book. It does dip and slow down a touch about a third of the way through, but the writing, as a whole, is well delivered and researched. I couldn't put it down. Robert B. Lowe is a journalist turned author and this is his first book.....let's hope he has a few more up his sleeve!
  • Into the Arms of Madness: A Novel of Suspense on Dec. 23, 2012

    I wasn't sure what to make of this book. The writing is proficient enough, if a little essay like in places, but I did find the plot difficult to believe. The plot was very interesting. Woman meets charismatic and caring man, marries him and they are travelling to a remote cabin for their romantic honeymoon. Man isn't quite what he seems and the whole episode becomes a nightmare, involving his whole family and his ex wife to whom he was married for a mere week. Husband is totally insane and it bothered me that his family just allowed him to carry on his own sweet way and not intervene. Why did they only tell Bre, the wife, of his insanity after they married? Why wasn't he medicated or even locked up for that matter? The ending was a bit rushed, but I liked the little teaser at the conclusion. The story was quick to read and absorbing and I believe this writer has great promise. Just rein in the over the top plotlines! This book was made available to me, by the author, for an honest review.