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  • For Love of Livvy (Book 1 the Esposito series) on Feb. 01, 2014

    Enjoyed this mystery a lot. Livvy (main character) was feisty and likeable. Suspected who the crooks were but did miss the twist so that was good. Love interest was fun. A good quick read - I will look out for others in the series.
  • Dwindle on Feb. 01, 2014

    This was an excellent book - a nice change from the usual zombie trope with a nice touch of uncertainty about who is human and who is deviant. Note to potential readers - this is not a zombie book - it is much more than this so dont bother if you just want a blood-fest. Thoroughly enjoyable - flawed characters who were both doing their best to survive and be human in an awful world where they system works against humanity. Highly recommended.
  • The Mamluks (The Mamluks Saga: Episode 1) on Feb. 01, 2014

    This book was ok but not great. Although the basic set-up is unbelievable (ie. aliens come to earth to use our females to reproduce), I may have been able to suspend disbelief for the sake of the story if the writing had been better. What really makes it too silly for me was how the main female character just converted to the enemy side in about half a second . All those females who had to have alien babies were behaving as if it was a high school slumber party with Emily being the Head Cheerleader. Only ok.
  • Darkness Rising 1: Chained on Feb. 21, 2014

    Enjoyed this fantasy book quite a lot - there are a lot of characters but it is coming together nicely. Nice to read a fantasy that is not the usual dragons/orcs/elves. The worldbuilding was effective and interesting. The lead character is good - am intrigued at her story and thinking there is a lot more to learn about her. Am interested enough to want to keep reading so have just purchased the next book in the series. Recommended.
  • The Great Mother on May 25, 2014

    I am a big fan of post-apocalyptic books but sometimes the writing can be a bit dodgy. Not this one - excellent story, interesting characterisation and it wrapped up nicely while still leaving a bit more to tell (hate cliff-hangers for no point). Will definitely be reading more of this author.
  • Base 19 on Sep. 02, 2014

    Really enjoyed this book and the preceding one. A nice change from the usual zombie stories - dont mind a good one but they get a bit tiresome. At least this "world ending" story had a bit more to keep me interested - obviously the author understands that real monsters do not need to be zombies - sometimes, they are just people who have been pushed past their limits and can run riot in a world without rules. Really enjoyed the lead character - a feisty woman who is not one-dimensional. Very interested to read the next instalment.
  • Shades of Grey: Book Two of the Alexis Stanton Chronicles on Sep. 03, 2014

    I was in two minds about purchasing this book - I was happy enough with Book 1 to shell out for the second but I dont think I will be reading any more of these. The stories are quite interesting and there is enough action to make it entertaining - not quite on the edge of my seat exciting but ok for a quick read. I guess my main problem is the same as the only reviewer here who marked it down - I am just not finding this heroine believable. Alexis is pitched as someone who can pick up complicated skills in just a couple of days - something that would take a professional a long time to perfect is picked up with little effort by this paragon of excellence. It just got really irritating. I was hoping for a little more character development in the second book but am finding them a little one-dimensional. The identity of the assassin Penumbra was a nice touch but couldnt be really called a plot twist since it was telegraphed from a great distance. A few minor typos and incorrect use of words (eg. you do not "advert" your gaze) but editing was reasonable for a self-published book. Good effort though.