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Smashwords book reviews by Lindsay G

  • Cinderella and Zombies on June 03, 2012

    This was such a fun read! If you love zombies, get ready to dig in! If you love fairytale retellings... beware of ravaging hordes of the undead wreaking havoc with the prince's royal ball! I, myself, love both zombies and fairytales, and I felt this was a perfect combination of both. Emily begins her tale in the Kingdom of Fae, alternating between Prince Kent and Cinderella, both swearing to protect their people from the undead plague. Although reluctant to join forces at first, together they become an unstoppable zombie killing machine. The story moved with an unbelievably fast pace, not a single page without zombies. Throw in an inept king, an unconventional godmother of sorts (if she's from the land of Fae, does that make her a "fairy" godmother?), some slicing and dicing, with just a dash of rot and ruin, and I discovered a tale of true love and putrefaction. Note for survivors: Who knew that a healthy diet of vegetables could protect you, not just from malnutrition, but from those pesky walking corpses! I don't know about you, but I'm headed to the grocery story to stock up for the zombie apocalypse!!
  • Johnny Doesn't Drink Champagne on June 29, 2012

    So I slam my ereader shut, and rush over to the computer, only to discover that there is no sequel. Yet? I am desperate to learn more! I NEED there to be more! I enjoyed this so much more than I had anticipated. It was fun, sexy, exciting, and I may have actually teared up a little at the end. Now, I know that vampire books are a little cliche at this point, but I swear that the plot doesn't rely heavily on that. I was actually quite impressed with the fact that the vampires remained more as a side plot. I was drawn more towards the characters, the romance, and, of course, the time travel. It made for a great mash of genres! I had two little irks. First, it bothered me that Madison made the world's largest leap to the conclusion that Johnny was a vampire. He barely mentions that he's inhuman, and the very next page, she's like, "oh, he's a vampire" and she's A-OK with it. No shock. No wondering what he eats, and the moral dilemma it creates. Just... alright. Second, Madison's very best friend, who she described as being like a sister, seemed distant, and not very observant of her friend's moods or behaviour. It fell a little short of believable. Can I go back to raving about the story now? Please, Cody, PLEASE! write a sequel!