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Lucio Rosenkreutz born on September 29, 1986 in Zaragoza (Spain), the full name is "Lucio Augustine Rosenkreutz", writer. He currently lives in London, United Kingdom.
Name of Father: Laurens Corday Rosenkreutz
Name of Mother: Saiat Craciunescu

Secondary education: Institute Goya in Zaragoza (Aragon/Zaragoza, Spain)
Higher education: School of Religion, Liberty University (Lynchburg, United States)
Study: "Alchemical operator, advanced", "Angelology", "Geobiology", "Dowsing", "Goblin-Lodge"
Centre: "The lab Alchemical San Cristobal" Monsignor Claudio Páleka (Peninsula and Balearic Islands, Madrid, Spain)
Languages: deutsch, русский, français, italiano, română, português.

His favorite place: the city Rabat (Morocco)
Favorite color: grey
Favorite animal: wolves
Its stone: tanzanite
Eye color: Black
Disadvantages: are allergic to the Sun
Usual custom: take "coffee" every 10 minutes.
Personal shelters: Mandarin Oriental Hide Park (London)
Favorite restaurant: Maison Bertaux French Patisserie (London)
Favorite foods: "Rose of ham and mango with white sauce", "trout in mushroom sauce"
Favorite dessert: "Pears in a sauce of pink cava and confited orange strands"
Favorite book: Fulcanelli "Le Mystère des Cathédrales" & "Les Demeures Philosophales"
Favorite inspiration: Aleister Crowley, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, Erwin Rommel.
Favorite movies: "Vanilla sky" (2001) and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004).
Favorite actor: Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise.
Favourite actress: Penélope Cruz.
Favorite music: Radio Futura, El Cigala, Elefante, Caifanes, Clara Montes, Javier Rubial and others.
Favorite song: t.A.T.u. "All The Things She Said"
Your muse: Lena Katina
A perfect woman: Avril Lavigne
The last love at first sight: Not It I remember.
His phrase: "writing is not a profession, it is a destination" Jorge Luis Borges.

Favorite writers: William Blake, Oscar Wilde, Alexander Pope, Marvin Harris, Angel Gonzales, Miguel Hernández, Antonio Machado, Charles Baudelaire, Alejandro Casona, Roger Bacon among others.
His next book in the United States: "Army of shadows" (giving strings to external memories)
His next book in France "Guerre de Verre" (in preparation)
All books will be available on paper.

Note of Hernan Pereyra
Lucio Rosenkreutz "The Triumph of Evil"

Smashwords Interview

Do is, for you, fundamental that the end of a story integrates different interpretations?
I don't see an end in each story in which I write, all my writing is a fantastic corner of mystery and doubt to free interpretation, every word has a symmetry similar to the of the sacred books, the excessive cruelty 2013 for example encloses an aura of nuances of Alchemy and cabalistic, Masonic, among others that remain in absolute discretion.
("De Lectura Obligada" source)
That link exists with the Arab countries, such as Syria or Iran?
"Face unfinished" is a special essay, written initially in Bogotá, Colombia and this dedicated to babies of Fallujah in Iraq. Actually never mind me, as they are seen from the outside. My ideas, my writings never change. I always say, "the children are first", they don't have the guilt of conflicts of a State. We must consider them, because they are our future. My idolatry with Syria, Iran and Iraq, never It will end. The people ceases to be good, when they are not entitled. (Source "Daily Siria Archives")
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