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  • The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese: How to Avoid the Traps of Self-Publishing on Jan. 31, 2012

    What a helpful and fun book to read! Carolyn Schriber has plotted out every avenue, every divot in the thought, research and writing process in order to guide new and more advanced writers on the road to manifesting a publishable work. The chapters are clear and the steps are thought out. The reader can not come away from a single page without a tid-bit of information. Yet, this does not read like a boring, condescending "how-to." The book is sprinkled with interesting, personal experiences that outline the challenges and successes of topic, research and grammar. I came away from this read feeling as if Carolyn and I were discussing these topics over coffee. I learned everything from how to "let go" of a complicated story to the potentially troublesome issues of self-publishing and marketing. The great thing is that I feel so much better prepared than I have before. This is a terrific guide told through geat stories that will help make any decent writer good, and any good writer great!