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Smashwords book reviews by gypsyldy

  • Freshman Murders on Jan. 24, 2011

    In "The Freshman Murders," author Gerald M. Weinberg introduces the "Residue Class," a team of top-flight computer scientists and mathemeticians led by Josh Rosemont, a retired NSA agent now teaching theoretical mathematics at a small college in upstate New York. The team's current assignment: to decrypt documents vital to the government's case against Solarian Natural Gas, a corporation that has been linked to funding terrorism. But with time running out, they find their efforts hampered by lack of funding, lack of resources, and the arrival of a serial killer with an uncanny knack for placing the victims' bodies — Freshman students at the college — right where Josh will find them. The pacing of the book is slow at first, but picks up as you go. Along with Josh, the reader is distracted from the NSA case by the increasingly personal aspects of the Freshman Murders, only to discover that the two seemingly unrelated cases are more closely linked than anyone at first suspected. An intriguing read, peppered with mathematical puzzles and glimpses into the personalities of characters not normally associated with intrigue and espionage. If you like stories where smart people use their brains, rather than sheer brawn, to get out of difficult situations, you'll enjoy this book.
  • A Tiger Heart Wrapp'd in a Woman's Hide on Jan. 24, 2011

    With a few deft strokes, Abrahamson transports you deep into the jungle. You feel the moisture of the rain on your face, are torn by the juxtaposition of technology that threatens the traditional way of life, and know the terror of one who has angered the gods. "A Tiger Heart Wrapp'd in a Woman's Hide" is a gripping read--one whose impact lingers with you, long after the end of the story.