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  • A Little Mouse's Journey: A Little Story (Free Sample Story) on Feb. 26, 2013
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    What a wonderfull story, an ispiration for all ages. I love this little story and I think that great things start with a dream. I will read this story to children in my family and will recommend it to othes as well.
  • They Haunt Me in My Dreams: the Scary Story that Will Keep You up All Night! on March 01, 2013
    star star star star star
    Great fiction and fantasy, an enjoyable story. I liked the message about how to handdle challenge and difficulties by thinking positive. Also I liked the idea that thoughts can be powerfull in how you feel about yourself. I think I would have enjoyed another chapter. I will recommend this book.
  • How I Met My Future Robot Self: You Choose What Happens in this Wild Time-Travel Adventure Story! (An Interactive eBook) on March 01, 2013
    star star star star star
    Very unique interesting adventure in reading this fantastic interactive book. I love the opportunity of going back and having different unique endings time after time. Great entertainment.
  • El Viaje del Pequeño Ratoncito: Una Pequeña Historia (Muestra Gratuita) on March 21, 2013
    star star star star star
    Esta es una historia tierna y hermosa que me encantó mucho, corta y con un gran mensaje tanto para chicos como adultos. No había leído una historia positiva y estimulante como ésta en mucho tiempo. La recomiendo y espero ansiosa la siguiente historia de este ratoncito.
  • The Spirit of the Oak Tree on June 25, 2013
    star star star star star
    Fantastic! A magical tree and the music of nature. A story for the soul, I loved it. Five new stories in one day, wonderful.
  • The Penguin and the Whale on June 25, 2013
    star star star star star
    Do you want to know how to make a dream come true? An enjoyable story.
  • Bongo Goes to School on June 28, 2013
    star star star star star
    Fun, fun and sweet. I liked it and it made me laugh. Wondering if Bongo will make it to college or what? The cover is very cute.
  • An Octopus in a Strange Land on June 28, 2013
    star star star star star
    I love the way the author tell us this story. It is like going with the octopus on his adventure. I have felt in a strange land too. This octopus is a big dreamer and a go get it, I just loved it!
  • Wolfie Goes to Town on June 30, 2013
    star star star star star
    Great for children. This is a very nice story about a little wolf who finds the power to make his own decisions without consulting his brothers. He receives a good lesson in doing that. I enjoyed reading it.
  • The Squirrel with the Most Nuts in the World on Sep. 05, 2013
    star star star star star
    I loved Martin and how he helped his friend. I enjoyed reading this short story, I will recommend it to people with kids. Will be appropriate for a little discussion about the importance of family and friendship.