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  • Guardian on Nov. 07, 2011

    When I first set eyes on the cover of Guardian I was blown away by how stunningly gorgeous it is. And let me tell you that the story does not disappoint either!! Guardian contains all the supernatural you could possibly want and more. There are vampires, witches, werewolves and more!! Guardian has them all.... And at the heart of it all is Hannah who is incredibly strong willed and independent. She is sassy and not someone that you want to mess with!! ......And Gabriel who has loved her since he was just a boy. His is a love that even time and distance could not waiver..... Guardian was an incredibly easy read because of the depth of the characters and Gillian Joy's ability to draw you into her story. Guardian is a must read and I cannot wait to see where book 2 will take us!!
  • The Blind Lily: A Gifted Series Companion on April 16, 2012

    The Blind Lily doesn't waste any time getting into the action! Right from the start when we are introduced to Lily she is kicking some serious butt! This girl is tough and definitely not someone that you want to mess with lightly! This was quite a quick and easy read. I would say that if you sat and read the book from start to finish it would only take a couple of hours. Even though it was a quick read an awful lot happens and it spans quite a broad time frame. Being such a short read I really don't want to give away any of the plot details, but one of the things that I loved in The Blind Lily was the authors description of the time travel, from the feelings, to the tastes and the smells..... "Being in the time portal is like soaring through space. Inside this invisible tunnel, I smell flowers when I am happy, raw fish when I have sour feelings, and when I am angry, I normally smell something like burning tar. My least favorite part is the temperature; it is always so cold. Like the air conditioning turned on full blast. Light and darkness blend together making sight difficult. I can only see the scenes that I'm passing by, when I don't look right at them. I can only use my periphery vision; otherwise all I see is darkness."..... I'm really interested in where part two will take us in Lily's journey and seeing how she will adjust to the obstacles that she was facing at the end of book one! All in all, an enjoyable read with plenty of action and some romance thrown in for good measure!!.... 3.75/5
  • Hunt on April 19, 2012

    What an incredibly exciting and engaging story Claire Crow has written!! I was thoroughly engrossed and enjoyed HUNT from start to finish!! Kevin is your normal average teenage boy, going to school, partying with friends, crushing on a girl. But beneath all that, him and his father are dealing with grief and loss. And then one night at a party Kevin starts hearing voices!! And from that point on his world is thrown into a whirlwind of faeries, police who aren't really police, a seer, The Hunt and The Faery King!! Yeah, his life becomes anything but normal!! The author has done an incredible job in writing a teenage boy! She has made Kevin completely real!! The dialogue was just what you would expect a teenage boy to say and think. He swears!! Not a great deal, but hey, teenage boys swear!! And while there is no sex, he does think about it. And despite what us as parents like to think, our teenage boys are thinking about sex!! I love an author that can weave those things into a young adult novel without it being misplaced and overpowering. And Claire Crow has managed to do just that!! The author has woven together a story of the supernatural filled with suspense, action, romance, friendship, grief, loss, pain and love!! I would have no trouble in recommending this book to anyone who loves a fantastic supernatural read!!
  • The Blood Moon of Winter - 2nd Edition on June 01, 2012

    Let me start by saying that for me, this book doesn't fit into the normal YA genre, purely because of the ages of the characters involved in the story. They don't fit into the normal age bracket that is generally featured in young adult books. There is also one sex scene, which while it isn't terribly graphic, it is there. So I would probably say that this is suitable for the higher aged teen and upwards!! But all of that being said, The Blood Moon of Winter is an enjoyable read!! Some of the things I loved about it were... THE COVER: It couldn't have fitted in better with the whole story. Absolutely perfect!! The Blood Moon, the dress, the hair, the tattoo, the lake!! A perfect representation of the story!! LILYANA: She is a reader. A lover of books. And one of the quotes I loved most in the book was “I love books because they are easier than people.” There are days when I absolutely feel like that myself!! JASON: Caring, protective, loving!! And he's an author!! What more could you want!! THE ENDING: Wow!! What a fantastic lead in to the next book!! On the downside, I found the speech between the characters to be a bit stilted. I felt it wasn't as free flowing as it should be when you're having a conversation with someone. The plot and storyline keep you interested and the characters are all well rounded although I would have liked a little more background information for Lily's reluctance to date. So, will I be reading more of this series? Definitely! The ending alone was enough to have me guessing as to what will happen next!!
  • Dazzle (Delaney's Gift #1) on March 13, 2013

    Delaney and Micah have been best friends all their lives. Graced with special gifts, they are each one of only ten Ekloge Warriors who are followers of Zerach and they have a duty to protect the people of Edenly. Not only from the general day to day things but also from the evil of the Sarafites. Whilst Micah relishes the life that is mapped out for him, Delaney would love nothing more than to be able to make her life's decisions for herself. And nobody must ever know about their gifts!! It's during a rescue mission that they save Ariel, who also happens to be an Ekloge warrior just like them. Ariel is mysterious and both Delaney and Micah cant help but feel that she is keeping secrets from them. But despite that Micah can't help but be drawn to her. Delaney has always had an interest in classmate Sam, but suddenly Sam is showing an interest in Delaney. The more time that they spend together, the more Delaney likes him. But he is not a follower of Zerach and if her parents found out they would forbid their growing romance. So they sneak around and grab small snatches of time together whenever they can. But Delaney questions Sam's sudden interest in her when he has always been anything but responsive to her. Are his intentions what he says they are and is he being completely honest with Delaney? Told from the point of view of Delaney, Micah and Sam, it allows us as the reader to get a greater insight into the characters and the story. All three characters were very different. Delaney is very strong, but she has self doubts just like every other teen. Micah is loyal and caring, but he can also be fairly set in his opinions, but as the story progresses we get to understand that side of him more. And then there is Sam. Gorgeous, deep and multi layered. He was the character that had me most in knots. Bad boy turns good. Or does he? I felt sorry for him. I liked him. I loved him. I begged him to do certain things and then I pleaded with him not to do others. He was the character who for me went through the most growth. I absolutely loved Dazzle!! Amber Garza has written a fantastic story!!! She writes in a way that you are engrossed in the story. I loved the romance. I loved the suspense. I loved the twists. And then there was that cliffhanger!!! No, no, NO!!!! Thankfully book two, Shatter has already been released so i'm off to buy that now.... But while I'm doing that, you should definitely go and immerse yourself in Dazzle!!