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An ex-airborne soldier, I'm drawn to stories of hardship and survival. Carlin announcing he's 'The Daddy' in Scum; Brendan fighting for his family in Warrior; David searching for answers in Vanilla Sky.

I like thinking of new things. I've never seen the point in re-hashing old ideas. Like anyone, I'm inspired and influenced by people, books and movies, but I'd feel a failure if I stole ideas. There was a time that I was so paranoid about people stealing my plots that I let no one other than close friends and agents read my books. So I remained invisible for far too long.

I don't hold back when I write. Much of my stuff contains black humour. Some might call it a sick sense of humour, but whatever it is you have to have it in the army - laugh or you cry.

So I'm into writing psychological thrillers. I like to depict thought-provoking situations and in some cases to make people more aware of important topics.

The Mortal Religion is the first novel I've published. I thought I'd create a simple idea and just have two characters. Then I had to decide how two characters could carry a novel. Almost instantly I settled on a kidnap novel. What a great platform for character development! Creating the protagonist was more difficult. This person had to have serious issues that would drive him to kidnap someone.

Vanity and superiority are powerful topics. Moonface, with his unusual face, never gets lucky. And it's clear to him that it's because of his appearance. Of course, this isn't fair and he longs for a relationship, to love someone.

It's always been the same for him - he was bullied at school and excluded. He starts to question humanity, and wonders how he'll ever be happy. And when he's blown out again in a very spiteful way, he decides to take action. It's the final straw. He'll use that girl to change people, to have them understand their deficiencies.

Anyone who's ever felt left out, will understand how Moonface feels. The difference is that he feels it all the time. Rejection and isolation was for me a relevant and essential topic to tackle. I hope that the novel will open eyes.

Changing someone's mindset was a fascinating challenge for me. And it introduced a love angle too - the more Elizabeth understood Moonface, the more appealing she became to him, causing him to experience self-doubt, paranoia, and threatening his overall objective.

I think it's the most important novel I've written so far, and judging by the reviews on Amazon, it's been well-received. Persona, my second novel, is also out now, but is only available on Amazon.

My favourite novels are Damnation Street, The Exorcist, Complicity, Blood of the Lamb, and The Cult. I'm into skiing, running, cycling, martial arts, chess, and writing!

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and my website and connect with me.

Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to become an indie author?
Exposure, quite simply. The chances of being noticed by an agent or publisher - however talented you might be - were ridiculously slim. It seemed to me that the only realistic way to get their attention was to get to know them personally, and I'm not into kissing ass!
What do your fans mean to you?
A great deal. However successful I become, I'll always find time to communicate with my readers. Time is the greatest gift you can give, and anyone who spends theirs on me and my novels deserves my attention.
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