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Masha du Toit is an artist and writer. She reads far too much, draws pictures that tell stories and writes stories about every-day magic. She lives with her musician husband Brendon and dogs Anna and Pippin in a sunny house in Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa.

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  • To Inherit a Murderer on March 16, 2014

    This was a tough book to read. It's good! But it pulls no punches. The premise is gripping: Deborah, a fierce, solitary woman, who finds it easier to relate to animals than humans, adopts a twelve year old boy, William. From the start, she knows that the boy has severe problems. He is a cruel, violent, manipulative child, a child with no empathy and no inhibitions. She fears for her own safety, and for what she might do to William if he harms one of her animals. This book is an emotional rollercoaster. On the one hand, it's easy to admire Deborah, to empathise with her. She's a driven woman, hard on herself and others. She's a skilled horse woman, and has a boundless love for the animals in her charge. She's also got an evil temper. There are times when her anger at William, her attempts to curb his behaviour are difficult to stomach. Deborah and WIlliam have a lot in common, and what they share is not pretty. To Inherit a Murderer has a strong streak of horror, and from the beginning it's clear that all is not as it seems. William seems to have the ability to control objects without touching them, and at times his behaviour seems more like demonic possession than anything modern medicine or psychiatry could define. The characters are compelling though, and the setting beguiling. A powerful book.