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  • My Enchanted Life on Feb. 27, 2012
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    At first, I was skeptical of the book. From the synopsis, I wasn't sure I would like it. However, was I in for a surprise. The book is terrific & leaves you wanting more! On her 18th birthday, Emma Winslow (our protagonist) is told she has inherited a house in England from an uncle she never hear of. Well, imagine her surprise! Once the shock wears off, she decides to journey to England, to the town of Wode Gate. Thinking it just a way to spend a month off before college, she packs her bags and off she goes. Little does she realize that Wode Gate is "between worlds" and unable to be seen by normal people. It's a magical space occupied by all sorts of fantastic creatures such as elves, gnomes, fairies, and even a dragon! She soon falls in love with the town and it's inhabitants & they with her. Soon after arriving, she is told, she it the Sentinel, the guardian of Wode Gate & that she cannot leave to return to her old life. That is she does so, she will die (Sentinels cannot be away from their gates but for short periods of time). Emma is helped through her "adjustment" to her new life by her housekeeper, Lizzy (a cursed numph) & Randolph, another Sentinel who has been sent to "teach" her how to be what she is (& has a very off-putting manner). This book takes you through Emma's adjustment to a magical life in Wode Gate and all the people & perils she encounters. In an effort not to give away anything, I will leave my review at this. The book is excellent and though classified as a YA read, I think readers of all ages will find it enjoyable. I would HIGHLY recommend it!(less)
  • My Enchanted Life on Feb. 27, 2012

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  • Immortal Desires (a Well of Souls novel) on March 28, 2012

    At first, I was a little unsure as to whether or not this book would be a good read for me. I do, on occasion, read paranormal romance, but not often as the characters tend to lack depth. However, I found that did not hold true for this book. The three main characters were very well developed. Not too much detail, not too little, just enough to make them come to life for the reader. The book revolves around Deanna Cameron, Ian MacKay, and Robert (otherwise known as Kyndeyrn). Deanne is a mortal woman who has been found by Robert, a Guardian, to be one of the "lost souls" that needs to be returned to the Well of Souls for recycling. Ian is Robert's aide/assistant who is immortal. Lightly touched on in this book is the Conri, the "bad" guys who want to taint the Well of Souls in an effort to save humanity, since they believe that if all soulmates find each other, humanity will cease to exist. Robert's "good" side (the Aeneas) is opposed to this as he believes there is no danger to humanity should this occur. However, you will not find much of a "battle between good and evil" as they are just mentioned in passing, possibly to set the stage for the next book in the series. When Deanne is brought to Boulder (where Robert is located) under the pretense of a job with what is disguised as a very successful corporation, Ian discovers that Deanne is his "lost soulmate" and is determined to find a way for his formally mortal self to meet her and ultimately fall in love, instead of her being "recycled" back to the Well of Souls where he will never see her again. This is because they are true soulmates, but with him now being an Immortal, he is never "recycled", thereby never able to meet her in another life. The story revolves around what Deanna and Ian go through during two separate time periods (very well delineated) to be together. This book was listed as "spicy", meaning there were sex-scenes in the book. This did hold true, but was done in such as way as to not overdo the sexual situations and in fact made skipping those parts quite easy (if you are of a mind to). It is a very hard book to put down. I even found myself close to tears near the end, something that RARELY happens when I read (I'm not the crying type). I would definitely recommend this book to adult readers of not only paranormal romance but also of historical romance (a great deal of the book takes placed in early 1500's Scotland). Thank you Laura for another great read.
  • Illicit Magic (Book 1, Stella Mayweather Series) on March 29, 2012

    This is a great read, starting with the very first sentence. Stella doesn't know she will soon be on the run for her life. All she knows is that "things" seem to happen when she's around. No family, no friends, working as a "temp" since she can't stay too long in one place (she makes people uneasy), and living in a grubby flat in London, Stella believes this is what her life is to be and she's become accustomed to being alone. That all changes when a group called The Brotherhood gets her in their sights. Even though Stella doesn't know it yet, she's a witch and The Brotherhood has made it their mission to target and eradicate witches from the face of the earth. They are responsible for a string of murders where the victims are burned alive at the stake. And now they are after her. Enter Etoile, who rescues her from them at the last minute, whisks her overseas to America, and introduces her to the Council, the witches' ruling body. While waiting for the Council to decide what should be done to protect her, she's attacked again and it's decided that she needs to be sent to a "safe house" where she can be trained in the use of her magic while being protected. While there, she's introduced to a cast of characters that quickly become the friends and family she's never hard. However, throughout this almost idyllic time, trouble has been brewing and it's after her. This is one of those rare books that reaches out, grabs you, and doesn't let you go from the very first sentence to the very last word and then leaves you wanting more. Thankfully, the second book in this series, Unruly Magic, has already been released. I'm headed to buy it now. Illicit Magic was that good of a book.