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  • The Silver Cross (Book 1, Vampire Nightlife) on Nov. 11, 2012

    The Silver Cross was a good read. The beginning had me hooked right away. I instantly wanted to know what was next for Damon. The story was surprising and had many twists I did not expect. I read this one in less than two days, there was not one dull moment. I love the time that the author put into character development.The main characters are strong and likable. Lacy is a detective of a secret department that hunts vampires. She meets the sexy vampire bartender Damon, who sees past what people to see who they are. It seems that Lacey may have to reevaluate her view of the world, or risk losing the man she's fallen for. My only dislike was the abrupt ending. But, it was a definite cliff hanger that makes me want to read the next book.