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Smashwords book reviews by Beth Wodzinski

  • Coyote's Daughter on April 05, 2012

    I really enjoyed Coyote's Daughter. The characters are all likeable, especially the protagonist, Maggie. Her concern about always being prepared is endearing -- but what I liked most about her is how bravely she worked her way through a situation she felt completely unprepared for, and the clever solution she found. Corie's writing is clear and strong, and the plot moves briskly along. The world she creates is vivid and unusual, and I'm looking forward to Maggie's next adventures in this world. Really enjoyable!
  • Bear's Heart on April 05, 2012

    Bear's Heart is a sequel to Coyote's Daughter (though it stands well on its own; you can read them in any order). The protagonist is Bear Girl, one of the delightful secondary characters from Coyote's Daughter -- and I think choosing her as the protagonist of the sequel was a really smart choice, one that expands the scope and depth of Weaver's worldbuilding. Sequels rarely feel this fresh! I enjoyed seeing our world through Bear Girl's eyes, and I love Bear Girl herself. Much like Maggie, she's strong and sensible and brave -- but she's also magical and creative and flexible. Another outstanding strong female protagtonist. Recommended!